Intrepid fitness ambassador

A Runner and Fitness Ambassador’s Profile

Running since: April 2009

Writes for: Total Fitness and Men’s Health Philippines

Other interests: Travel, Fashion, Music, Writing/Blogging


Booty confidence is what first and foremost got me interested in running. Like most women who have reached the threshold of the 30s and are now forced to face the battle with the stubborn jiggle and droop, my ‘inner coach’ and I have finally come to an agreement that statements like ‘I’ll exercise tomorrow’ just don’t cut it anymore. I needed a surefire don’t-delay fitness plan that I will not only like but is also something that I can commit to. And so it came to be that in April of 2009, I have found all my fitness non-negotiables in running when I dared to participate in my first 5k race – SLIMMERUN at The Fort, clocking-in at 30:32. Which, of course, in my absolute inexperience at that time, I thought was a good running time. On that particular race, I remember I was wearing these Reebok workout racer-back top and pedal bottoms made of lycra which I purchased in Malaysia a few days prior. Fortuity at its finest, wouldn’t you say? Unlike most sports, running can be for every one – or anyone who’s determined to give that unsightly flab a one-two punch by lacing up their trainers and hitting the road on foot with a speed ranging from a slow jog to sprint. And having almost zero exposure to running or any form of sports growing up, it’s fairly easy to understand why running had such an appeal to me, right from the very beginning. Since then, I have filled out my running resume with three 5k, five 10k and four 21k races; one full marathon (2010 Condura Skyway Marathon where I clocked sub-5 hours and ranked 336 out of nearly 600 runners); two 10k trail runs – one of which was the Men’s Health All Terrain Race in 2009; and the First 50k PAU Trail Ultra-marathon challenge in Mt. Pinatubo, my favorite out of the podium finishes I have achieved so far primarily because of the challenges surrounding the race itself.  The three other podium finishes were: UNDP’s Walk The World 5k race where I placed first, and ResortsWorld Grand Fiesta 10k race where I placed second, and just recently, the BDO Race For Life where I placed first in the 6k female division. Of course, as most runners would tell you, not every day is a holiday when it comes to the sport. I have had injuries in the past – shin splints, stress fracture – but none of these, no matter how painful they got at one point, prompted me to hang my running shoes. Some people think they were born to rule the world; I think I was born to run, write, and be part of the global movement to change the world – one mile at a time, wearing my REEBOKS.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the first batch of Reebok’s Running Ambassadors in the Philippines. Thank you Jar Concengco for sharing with us your time, talent, and very expensive camera and lenses!


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