The House of Vanita: On Appetite for Flawlessly Sexy Things Part I

Looks like I may very well be on my way to fulfilling my not-so-secret fantasies of world domination. As to which world, planet, or universe is entirely open for debate and all sorts of interpretation. Obviously, I couldn’t think of anything wittier than that lame blog opener so I beg of you my dear readers, be kind to me. But what I really wanted to share with you – or anyone who can be bothered to spare a few seconds of their precious salaried time to take a peek into my little blog domain – is this:

Last Saturday, I took off my clothes and got paid for it!

Aaaaaand NO, it’s nothing like solicitation. I might as well make that very clear now before you get your underthings all up in a bunch or a very painful wedgie. Ouch. Okay, enough horsing around. Here’s what really happened.

A few weeks ago, I got an email from Mitzi Dayrit inviting me to be part of a swimsuit slash lingerie fashion show featuring selected female bloggers in the country. The word used, I think, was ‘top’, in reference to the bloggers, but seeing as I’m hardly up there in the top ranks  –statistically, I mean but I do know that in your heart of hearts i’m number one, right? No? Yes? Maybe? What do I have to do to get some love in here?!? – let’s  just go for the word ‘selected’ for now. Who knows? Maybe after I post a few photos, my blog’s rating will go skyrocketing‘innit? *insert LOL smileys here*

The luxury lingerie and swimwear brand which I, along with six other lovely bloggers, was tapped to model for is called House of Vanita featuring exclusive designs by top Italian designer Fabiola Marin, who, in her last visit to the country when she officially launched the brand, had this to say about the Filipinas and what inspired her to design for them:

“Filipinas are very strong women, achievers at home, in school, in the arts, within the walls of corporations and even in public service. Knowing, let alone wearing, an intimo line specially designed for her blends perfectly well with her empowered image. I hope every Filipina will have at least one in her closet because really, Vanita is the only line that brings together Italian mastery, European systems and Japanese efficiency in a collaboration to flatter her,” — taken here.

The launch which featured a host of Brazilian models was a huge hit and Vanita had, right there and then, established itself as a formidable brand  in the luxury lingerie industry in the Philippines. The response was so overwhelming that the owners immediately followed it up with another show scheduled on the 2nd of October. Only this time, there won’t be real models involved. Instead, it will be the female bloggers who will serve as the brand ambassadors for that day. Or night, as the case truly was. Yay for us!

The bloggers selected for the show were AlexHenzel, Aby, Helga,Hannah, Shanna, and yours truly. I didn’t know any of them until the day we all sat down together for the briefing, as I have never really attended any blogging event since I started my own site in 2005. Well, except for last year’s Philippine Blog Awards where I was one of the nominees but as you all know, I went home empty-handed that night. Call me Thank You, Girl. Yes, I’m cute that way. Sorry I keep digressing!

The night before the fashion show, all seven of us were called to do the final dress rehearsal and it went well despite the fact that none of us has ever actually done any ramp modeling of sorts. At least I haven’t.

This is already pretty lengthy so I am going to take a break right here. I will post Part II tomorrow if:

(a.) I have time to do it
(b.) You’re good and sweet and actually beg me for the photos
(c.) You bribe me with a copy of Graham Greene’s The End of the Affair and 6 pieces of Lord Stowe’s yummy cream puff

Otherwise, I will still write the rest of the blog entry and post some of the photos because truth be told, I can be quite attention-starved that way.

Okay, fine, just one photo. The rest will come in a day or two…

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