Men’s Health: Bedroom Confidential July 2009

Q: I love my girlfriend so much but I don’t seem to be sexually attracted to her. What am I gonna do?

A:  This is a weird situation to be in, yet not entirely far-fetched.  It would’ve been easier if you told us how long you’ve been together.  If the relationship is fairly new, then it shouldn’t be so difficult to get into the sexual groove. Nowadays, there are so many options you can look into and couple activities that you can explore to spice up your sex life. It also wouldn’t hurt to focus on the romance a bit more – romantic dinners and getaways always work.  But if you and your girlfriend have been together for long, the sexual slump is pretty normal.  That’s not to say that you just settle for what’s simply comfortable and do nothing about your dying embers of passion. Remember what and how it was like when the relationship was new and you can’t get your hands off each other.  Recapture those moments. Don’t wait for your anniversary or any other special day to show her how much you love her.  Be spontaneous and irresistibly romantic. I bet you, your girl will be so charmed by it. She’ll be inspired to throw little surprises here and there, too.


Author: mrsvickyaltaie

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