Fashion: Everyday Runway with Abby Jocson

Fashion speaks, I’m all ears.

Super typhoon Juan is all about raging stormy madness outside the office building (Yes, my dahlinks, I am in the running for the most hardworking corporate peon), but I have decided to do some fashion type of things before I log off and make my way back to my flat. Obviously, I am rather fond of dressing up and looking nice and pretty (never mind that i’m really not, hint hint) even when I’m really just going to the supermarket to pick up a box of Tampax. (TMI alert but you know what, I have officially switched to OB or similar miniature tampon things as Tampax is causing much, much damage to my girly bits!) Most girls are like that anyway, so it’s really no surprise. I just think that in today’s world where much premium is given on aesthetics and marketability, one simply cannot afford to look like yesterday’s bag of dirty laundry, if you know what I mean. Contrary to popular belief, looking good need not be very expensive. Unless of course we are talking about drastic surgical intervention here. In which case, uhrrmm, you better be waving around a fat checkbook. One only has to carry herself well, dress according to one’s size and personality (don’t force yourself into a size 1 when you’re lugging around 30lbs of excess fat), and never leave ze brain at home. Because no matter how drop-dead gorgeous you appear to be on the surface, if you can’t carry a good conversation and command people to listen to your ideas, then a trophy something (girlfriend, wife, mistress, etc.) is all that you can ever hope to be. Not that being a trophy is everything bad. I like trophy. It is still so much better than fugly.

Anyway, some time back, friend and fellow UltraRunner/fitness freak Abby Jocson tapped me to model some of the bags (now available online!) for the website and her FB page. And since fashion is pretty much right up my alley (I embrace it even though I can ill-afford it!), it never occurred to me to say no. I mean seriously. HAVE YOU SEEN HER BAGS? They are gorgeous! So gorgeous, in fact, that I probably would have signed off my whole life savings over to them if I still had some, that is. hahaha.

Thank God for Noel Abelardo who readily agreed to do the photoshoot for FREE! Now Noel is an amazing photographer. I say that not because he’s a dear friend and he often buys me lunches, coffees, dinners, toys (no, not the battery-operated ones!), books, clothes, bags, etc – but because he really has an eye for photography. A very keen one at that. Let’s stay with the freebies for a wee bit more here. When I really think about it, Noel is kinda like my boyfriend. Except that he is not, for the simple reason that we like the same dish. How fun is that?!? He can actually make me look human and, uhrrrm, somewhat attractive at that!

So anyway, if I failed to convince you of Abby’s gorgeous bags and Noel’s masterful photography- which i highly doubt but okay I will play along – perhaps these photos would do the trick…

Sooooo, what did I tell ya? Gorgeous beyond words right? Yes, I mean the bags and pseudo-model both. So how about you place your orders now and let the inner diva in you shine – in various prints, shades, and colours of Abby Jocson’s bags – without losing sight of functionality. Not even for a second.


  1. Runaholic · October 18, 2010

    Super LOVE! 🙂

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