Men’s Health: Bedroom Confidential September 2010

Q:  My wife isn’t complaining but I feel a little uncomfortable being a houseband. How can I get past the feeling? — Raymundo via email

A:  By houseband I presume you are raising the kids and doing household chores while your wife brings home the bacon. I would like to think there’s a reason for the role reversal. Although this is an unconventional setup especially in a highly patriarchal society like ours, if this system works for you and your wife, take solace from the fact that raising kids and making sure they grow up to be productive members of society is as daunting a task as putting food on the table. Modern women have evolved a lot from the days of old when they were merely kept at home and expected only to perform wifely and motherly duties. Most of us who have reached some level of self-actualization thrive in the corporate environment and certainly don’t mind to be playing key roles in the cutthroat corporate world. That may be the reason why your wife is not complaining about the role reversal. But in the event that the roles are re-reversed and your wofe now wnats to be the one left at home to care for the kids, that should be equally-acceptable to both of you and hopefully, you’d be ready to man up and fulfill your end of the bargain. After all, marriage is supposed to be a partnership with both partners sharing responsibilities.


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