Travel: Boracay, Our Island Paradise

Photo taken by Eric Cabahug.

Reposted from here.

2009 was the year when my life – what with all the drama, the joys and the many wondrous discoveries – has evolved into an uncanny moment of clarity and vision. I’ve turned a ripe age of 30 and with it came the steely resolve to shed immaturity and recklessness, in favor of more becoming traits. Of course, these beautiful experiences, these realizations, would not have come into fruition, if it weren’t for all of you beautiful people who have touched my life by way of friendship or reproach.  Either way, I am thankful I have all of you in my life and know that you are welcome to stay for as long as you want. That I wish for a better 2010 for all of us goes without saying. So, how about we make a conscious effort to actually make 2010 a rockin’ year? Let this year be the year when we crawl out of the boulder we’ve been hiding under for many years. Halika na at magpaganda at magpa-sexy tayong lahat dahil balita ko sa 2010 ay lilipulin at parurusahan ang mga hindi kagandahan (isama na rin natin ang mga nagmamaganda lang). hahaha. Happy new year beautiful people! Spread the love and stop obsessing about affection ROIs. Ika nga sa kolokyal na pananalita, keri lang yan, friend!

Say it with me in the true tiger fashion — grrrrr!


So, you know I was in the paradise island of Boracay for New Year’s. Left Manila on the 30th, after a very nice send-off might I add, and stayed in Fairways and Bluewater courtesy of our darling friends (thank you sooo much!) until the 2nd of January. Unlike last year, when the sky all but turned sunny for four days and my friends and I all came down with fever, this particular beach adventure was perfection! Well, nearly-perfect at least for me, because there was someone missing in the picture. All in all, I had a great time in Boracay. Got myself a nice golden tan (nevermind that I also got heat rashes in the process, hahaha), was able to run up and down the hilly slopes of Fairways, learned some basic yoga moves from Clyde (you gotta teach me that headstand thingy!), and best of all, got to show off the body I’ve worked hard for for a month at least. Hello naman daw sa abs na slight lumalabas na.



  1. Helga · October 28, 2010

    If I were a Pokemon, I would want to evolve into you lol. I am hoping I am as fit as you are when I turn 30!

  2. vickyras · October 28, 2010

    Lol. Vanity just won’t allow me to let go completely. Actually I’m more fit and toned now than when I was in my 20s. Getting fit is only half the battle. Staying fit, now that’s a different struggle altogether. I’m just glad I’m keeping it nice and tight. hahaha.

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