Mother Nature speaks, we MUST listen

Malungai Life Oil

Last night, I, along with a few other bloggers, got a crash course on Biology. Specifically, plant biology. Chlorophyll and photosynthesis, words I have not heard at all since high school, were discussed albeit briefly by well-known and widely-respected pediatrician in the Philippines, Dr. Marthony Basco, as he lent his expertise on the subject of health during last night’s bloggers’ launch of Malungai Life Oil (MLO) held at Oakwood. The event was hosted by Mr. JC Cuadrado.

Malungai Life Oil (MLO), manufactured in the Philippines by Manila Nature’s Link, is a 100% natural food supplement made from oil extracted from selected leaves of the moringa oliefera tree (malunggay) under strict post-harvest and quality control procedures. It is the only moringa oil product in the world and available locally in 500ml gel unit which is equivalent to 1000 grams of malunggay leaves. Other moringa products in the market are made from pulverized malungai leaves and therefore, not as potent.

MLO drew its inspiration from the Filipinos’ growing interest in natural wellness to cope with a 24/7 lifestyle and perpetual multi-tasking which leads us to demand maximum return from every peso spent and every calorie intake. If you llok at it, however, 100% health perfection is simply not realistic. Our daily trip towork exposes us to toxins and pollution; sleeplessness, fastfood diet and inadequate exercise are facts of modern office life. Funny then, to fight these new ills with wisdom from an old source: Mother Nature. In thedays when “organic” was the rule rather than the exception, balanced health could be found as close as the family garden. Humble, homegrown malunggay kept generations of Pinoys hardy and strong, without ever setting foot in a gym. All these facts and realizations have inspired the makers of MLO to bring this amazing health supplement to the market.

Bloggers at the MLO Launch.

Moringa Oliefera boast of the following health nutrients needed by our body in order to function to its highest level of performance:

  • It is low in fats and carbohydrates.
  • High in vitamin B, Iron
  • Has 2 times the Protein of yogurt; 3x the potassium of bananas; 3x the iron of spinach; 4x the calcium of milk; 7x the vitamin C of oranges
  • Contains protein, the building blocks of the muscle tissues
  • Contains potassium  that helps in brain development and functions
  • Contains iron which binds oxygen to the blood; helps the cell respiration and oxygen transport and regulates body temperature
  • Contains calcium that prevents osteoporosis and maintains healthy teeth and bones
  • Contains large amount of Vitamins C that helps boost the immune system; prevents infectious diseases like colds and flu and makes sperms healthy and happy.

The key to it all is chlorophyll, engine of the plant’s powerful conversion of energy. By distilling both seeds and leaves into a pure, cold-pressed oil, MLO maximizes malunggay’s chlorophyll and renders it, in the words of a medical expert, “preserved,conserved and available.” This means that malunggay’s health benefits can be delivered with more stability andconsistency than in the dried powder that was previously available. So you get asynergistic combination of nutrients which normally can be obtained only from separatefood sources.

MLO is now available at Mercury Drug and other reputable drug stores in the country in the 60 day MLO power pack/kit and the 10 day MLO energy pack/kit.

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