Said I Love You But I Lied…

Romantic relationships are full of oddities. All of us long for, nay, demand a relationship that is built on trust, openness, and intimacy. Sadly, relationships don’t always work that way. By observation, you can just as easily deduce that couples often lie about their feelings for each other,  their level of commitment to the relationship, and the affairs they have on the side – whether emotional or merely physical. Although when you think about it, there’s a very fine line separating the two.

In some cases, downplaying, ignoring, or looking the other way when confronted with these relationship paradoxes, work. Until the day that it doesn’t anymore.  Sooner or later, you will catch your partner in one of their lies. Naturally, you will lose your head over the fact that someone you trusted with everything you have has deceived you and you are completely clueless as to the whys and not so much as the hows, but thehow many times . Interestingly, this is a classic two-way thing in the sense that your partner can just as likely catch you in one of your attempts to mislead – and you would be at a loss as to how to handle the situation well yourself.

My share of relationships (the number is not THAT high, believe you me!) has more or less taught me that when it comes to love and romance, most of the things we subscribe to are fairly inaccurate. No, NOT everything can be solved by “open and honest communication” and yes, misleading a partner is not that hard to do. It may seem heartbreaking to those who have such idealistic views on relationships, but the truth is, in our romantic relationships, there exists a constant juxtaposition of candor and deceit.

When we’re in love, we are inclined to view our romantic partners with stars in our eyes. We think we know them well, thus, we place a lot of trust in them. And moreoften, this is where the alarm bells start to go off. Because while our trust gives us a sense of security and comfort, it also also becomes the breeding ground for deceit.  “No, my boyfriend will never do that to me. I know him very well and I can tell you for sure that cheating is beneath him.” Six times out of 10 (please feel free to countercheck the ratio, hahaha), there’s another woman beneath your boyfriend while you’re out with the girls. This blind faith opens up the floodgates to deception.  After all, who makes a better victim than someone who is eager and willing to trust everything you have to say?

Did you also know that ultra close relationships create the need to,uhrrm, dish out a few untruths? We all love the many rewards that relationships offer, but they also tend to be debilitating. I’m sure most of you have, in one way or another, felt the limitations of a close-knit relationship. No, you can’t go out with friends tonight. No, you can’t wear that – my handkerchief has more fabric than that dress! No, you can’t eat too much of that – your cellulites are already popping out like varicose veins. These very common scenarios simply show that intimacy, if not managed well, can cause you to lose your freedom and autonomy.

And this where lying comes to the rescue.  And because not telling the truth sometimes  helps us deal with the constraints that our intimate relationships impose,  we continue to enjoy the benefits – sexual, emotional, and what-not –  of our romantic relationships while pursuing extra-relational goals and activities behind our partner’s back. And what about guilt, I hear you asking.  And I say, what guilt? I have met a few people who openly admit to having extra-relational affairs and believe me, there isn’t an ounce of guilt in their demeanor. Not even a fraction of it.

Not to say that we all must lie to our partners because most of the time being untrue is not exactly a deliberate act on the offender’s part. For women: Perhaps your partner tripped and fell on a woman who just happened to be spreadeagled on the floor at that time. For men: It can also be that your lady partner has an undiagnosed fear of being alone at home such that one night when you had to work overtime and your bestfriend just happened to pass by your home, he and your wife…Okay, that’s rather heartless, but you do get my drift, right?

To play it safe, most of us refuse to acknowledge deception by a loved one. But as your friends become more open with their personal encounters with the deceiving kind and you examine your own behavior more closely, it becomes harder and harder to shrug-off the degree to which people can be so secretive about extra-relational activities.  In this case, I cannot speak for people who are at the receiving end of betrayal, but I have been on the same boat twice in my life and this I must say, there are no words to describe the pain. Think of all the macabre things Dr. Hannibal Lecter is capable of doing to another human being – it’s almost on that same level.  Unfortunately, the way I handled my affairs did not exactly give me the outcome I would have preferred to achieve. My fiery temper (not to mention, irrepressible tendencies to get illogical and irrational about certain things) has caused me to lose someone who could have been a dear friend, barring differences and all. Ultimately, it does pay to have a more open mind about certain complexities of romantic relationships – and not be so quick to judge and yet slow to forgive.  Maybe it’s time I ask for forgiveness.


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Author: mrsvickyaltaie

Mother to ZO. UltraRunner. Writer. Casual blogger. Yogi wannabe. Passionate about travel, nature, and fashion. Occasionally neurotic. Possibly, undiagnosed bipolar.

2 thoughts on “Said I Love You But I Lied…”

  1. I did keep an open mind. When I found out about the affair, I promised myself I would forgive everything, no matter how much it hurts. We never really had a big argument, so finding out about the other girl was a huge blow on my part. I just hated the lies, but if I give up easily ako lang ang talo. I thought it was just a phase, but he ended up falling in love with the girl and they’re gonna be parents any day now. I guess mas masakit the part when you know in your heart that you didn’t do anything to deserve such treatment, but it happened anyway. I couldn’t even get mad, because I love him too much. It didn’t help pa that everyone we know, friends and families thought we’re gonna end up together. Ganun eh, we’re not meant to be. I don’t believe people inlove should have extra curricular activities, nagcommit ka eh. So yung mga tao na walang nafifeel na guilt, ampopogi nyo. LOL

  2. Ohmy. I’m so sorry Gaget. I didn’t mean to resurrect old pains.:( One day, when we finally see each other siguro, I would love to share with you some stories that could shed some light in this issue/predicament. More often, people don’t feel ‘guilty’ about such indiscretions because they feel a certain entitlement to the kind of happiness or excitement which is no longer present in their legitimate relationships. This is especially true for relationships that have crossed the one-year mark or more, when couples have become so comfortable with each other, so much so that they have become more like companions than can’t-get-their-hands-off-each-other lovers. You know, when passion was at its peak. I guess we have to understand and accept that the dynamics of today’s romantic relationship have changed heaps since the time of our parents. Nowadays, options and alternatives abound. And it’s not all about the ‘third party’ all the time. Some people compete with friends, hobbies, work, etc…these things can’t be avoided. They exist. I’m happy to see you channeling your energies to more productive things/endeavors instead of moping around feeling helpless and desperate as MOST women tend to become when faced with the demise of a relationship. So you didn’t up getting married and having kids, so what? It’s not the end of the world. Somewhere out there is that someone you’re destined to share the rest of your life with. Magkikita rin kayo soon.:) On that note, painom ka!:p

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