Favorite Items no. 5 and 6: Twistix and Manila Scramble

Manila Scramble

Yes, I am Pinay through and through. Manila Scramble can very well attest to that. Okay, so maybe what we see in the malls everywhere is a far cry from the scramble most of us grew up slurping during recess at school. For those of you who don’t know what scramble is, it’s just shaved ice mixed with food coloring and sugar, topped with milk (skimmed mostly). Manila Scramble took it a notch higher by giving you an array of toppings to choose from – rice crispies, mini marshmallows, and some cereal-looking oddities. Personally, I just like my scramble with lots of milk even though the kind they use probably goes against my health requirements.


Another recent discovery which Noel and I have been eyeing these past few days is Twistix – this little yellow and red food cart at the cinema level of Robinsons Galleria (I reckon there’s about a hundred of them scattered in malls all over the Metro) which sells potato crisps cut up in slinky-type fashion. So after days of telling each other ‘Let’s try that nga after lunch next time, Che!’, Noel and I finally made a stop at Twistix and I got me a small-sized serving.  Also because I was totally unhappy with my Burger King lunch. Yesterday’s lunch was a failure as well. Whatever happened to great lunches, I wonder. Anyway, going back to Twistix. It’s really nothing fancy, except maybe for it’s cutesy spiral shape. You can choose from different flavors – cheese, sour cream, barbecue, tomato catsup. The small serving costs P45.

Twistix-ed and lovin' it!

I only got the small serving but it certainly looks a lot more than my tummy can handle.
Getting Twistix-ed with Noel.

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