Total Fitness: Live Like A Bloke

In order to land a guy, E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi advises women to think, act, and react like a guy. To drive home the point, she laid down 66 ways on how and why one must do exactly as advised in her book Think Like A Guy. I have read the book and I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps the author and I are somehow connected because we speak the exact same language! When it comes to landing men, I mean. And yes, in plural form.

Interestingly, this kind of approach is no longer just applicable to dating and relationships.  Recent observations have shown that adopting a few of the male lifestyle philosophies can actually help women in their pursuit of happiness, health, and fitness. But men can be such slobs and they drink too much beer, some of you might argue. Yes they can be and some of them would rather drop you than end their strangely serious affair with alcohol, but you see, there’s a lot one can learn from their laidback views and ways. Here are some:


Dumbbells for dummies.
  1. Men, unlike women, set boundaries and focus completely on the task at hand. Multitasking, according to research from the University of California, is more prevalent among women because the area connecting the right part of the brain to the left is thicker in women, allowing more ideas to flow. We work, take care of the family, cook, shop, oversee the household, and cram all these activities in 24 hours which in the end causes us endless stress and distraction.  By adopting men’s pinpointed processing and focused decision-making, women can take a much-needed breather from their multitasking complexes, simplify their lives and enjoy themselves more!


Tone it up with weight plates.

2. Want to lose weight? Eat like a man and exercise like one! Even though our hormones deserve much                      of the blame when it comes to our ‘emotional eating’, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we can do about it. A                    Cornell University study showed that while women bury their frustration and sadness in bags of sweet treats,                      men are found devouring steak. While both are not exactly the cornerstones of a healthy diet, steak is still                            protein-rich and it makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time, whereas sweets only spike insulin levels                          leading to abdominal fat and insatiable appetite.  When it comes to exercise, women can learn a lot from men                     when it comes to muscle-building and muscle-toning.  More than just helping you keep your ideal weight,                             exercising to build muscle mass can also help prevent osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes, among other things.


Play bench.

3. Be a team player and kick stress to the curb. Australian psychologist Lydia levleva says that men do not                   look at their weekly basketball  game with friends as just that – a game. It is for them a social event. In separate                  study by the University of Copenhagen, it was revealed that being part of a team can actually be physically and                  emotionally beneficial for women as it gives them that window to focus less on personal stresses, discover and                    cultivate new friendships.

For centuries, women have  customarily done the exact opposite of men’s approach to a lot of things, fitness included. Guys focus on being independent and looking good rather than worry needlessly about having babies, feeding them, or how to make the best paella. It’s time women take on a similar approach and give this theory a shot. Think, Eat, Exercise, and Live like a bloke and see the difference for yourself.


Author: mrsvickyaltaie

Mother to ZO. UltraRunner. Writer. Casual blogger. Yogi wannabe. Passionate about travel, nature, and fashion. Occasionally neurotic. Possibly, undiagnosed bipolar.

2 thoughts on “Total Fitness: Live Like A Bloke”

  1. Oh my, I can’t agree more with this post. Most of my friends are mixed boys and men (y’know… hihih), some gay, some straight. It’s because I enjoy hanging out with them more. They tend to be more relaxed, more laidback. And I need people like that to rid me of stress.

    With the exercise part, I heard almost the same thing from Oprah (okay, I used to watch her religiously) and her trainer, who had this program that works for her where she can eat whatever food she wants as long as she match it with a workout that should burn all those sinfulness off her body. 🙂

  2. Hi Mhel! I’ll be home in a few hours. What say you we finally have that dinner/coffee/chikahan anytime before the 20th? I’m going away for the holidays kase. Tara! I wanna meet you and Kien na!

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