100: Fat Girl

She pushes her feet in to her shiny black Maryjanes. She walks from the bed to her door, and back a few times, like she had seen models do it on TV, attempting to get her feet acquainted with the sharp pains she is sure to suffer in just a few hours. But what pain? Vanity, after all, prohibits one from feeling such. Facing the mirror, she carefully applies cream on her ageing face. Noticing, again, her developing double-chin. Ugh. She couldn’t wait for tomorrow when finally she’d start losing those damned pounds. Then she pops Godiva in her mouth.


  1. emanVictor · December 16, 2010

    godiva as a reward is worth the extra pounds…we can’t miss life’s simple pleasures as such…anyway, you can burn all those excess calories away…

    • vickyras · January 11, 2011

      True, true. But sometimes I really have to mind my chocolate consumption.:) I haven’t been running much these days. Gotta get back up on the running saddle!

  2. fitfastandstrong · December 26, 2010

    just passing through.. nice blog.. keep on running!

    • vickyras · January 11, 2011

      Thanks for passing through. See you at the races.:)

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