Ebony, Ivory.

Why the obsession with white skin? One night in a friend’s bathroom I did a double take. The bottle of Vaseline sitting on top of her sink said “healthy white.” I groaned and wondered how many more women got suckered into the Caucasian version of fair and lovely. There now seems to be a clamour for women to get fairer. Whatever happened to celebrating natural beauty and loving the skin you were born with?

Must we now equate being dark with being unhealthy apart from being ugly? I shudder at the thought of what the young girls’ response would be.


Author: mrsvickyaltaie

Mother to ZO. UltraRunner. Writer. Casual blogger. Yogi wannabe. Passionate about travel, nature, and fashion. Occasionally neurotic. Possibly, undiagnosed bipolar.

2 thoughts on “Ebony, Ivory.”

  1. On the other hand lots of Caucasian women spend hours lying in the sun or in tanning booths trying to get darker. And that really is unhealthy! How to make sense of it all? Be a whole lot easier just to enjoy being who we are!

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