I Am Woman, I Fish and Tell…

Ahhhh, what a hellishly busy life I’ve been leading these days. With about 2 months to go before our company’s biggest event of the year is staged in Kuala Lumpur, the demands of work have certainly doubled. In fact, the usual 9 working hours in a day is no longer enough to cover the deliverables. Since the beginning of February, I have been staying back in the office until about 9 or 10pm. Oftentimes, I’m the last person to leave. Surprisingly though, I am coping and I mean real well – even churning out better output than when I was just clocking-in normal hours. I realised, I am in my element when things get a bit more tight; deadlines get even shorter; and pressure gets to near-boiling point. I’m a workhorse, that’s what I am.

But even with a crazy work and travel schedule, I still manage to get some fun things done on the side. And if there’s one thing I never sacrificed even when cross-eyed with deadlines, it would be my fitness regimen. True, I have not been visible in the local running scene – the last one I did was the disastrous BDM 52k Test  which I failed to complete due to injuries sustained – but I have not exactly been sitting on my butt, expanding horizontally in the process. Although, for a brief moment in February, I fell ill and had to be hospitalised for 3 days (doctors’ findings showed  Acute Gastro and vitamin B12 deficiency) which resulted to an alarming 6lbs weight gain. Now, I have worked hard to stay tight at 95lbs and for me to suddenly balloon up to 101lbs is completely out of whack! This certainly calls for an INSANITY intervention, for which I am eternally grateful to Abby Jocson, because she was the one who gave me the workout dvd last year.

But let’s talk about that in my next post.

I am woman, I fish and tell...

What I have in store for you, my dear readers (if you guys are still hanging around, that is, because lately I have been nondescript in the blogging world as well),  is a little sumtin’ sumtin’ called angling. Or fishing with an angle by means of hook, if you want to be more specific about it. At least that’s how wiki defined it. *wink*

As mentioned in my previous post here, the first time I got intro’d to fishing was in September of 2010 (if my faulty memory serves me right – paradox much, eh?) when a dear friend of mine took me to Apalit in Pampanga. I remember the exhilaration of landing  a catch very vividly as though it was only yesterday.

Oh wait, I did land a fish yesterday! Albeit a tiny tilapia which we naturally released back into the water so it can fight another day…or two.

But what really got me all pumped up was my encounter with two mean panggas who fought my awkward attempts at landing them every single step of the way! It was an incredible feeling! Here’s the fishing report I posted in the fishing forum where I am a member of:

So yesterday, I was finally able to wet my (technically, my friend’s) line. Favorite Angler BFF finally caved to my constant hassling and emotional blackmail(ing).

We went to Apalit, where I landed my first catch many months back and once again, the place did not disappoint. The weather was beautiful – clear blue skies with soft, puffy clouds painted over it and just the right amount of sun to warm my skin and give it a deeper tinge of bronze.

Barely an hour into our fishing trip, there came a series of violent tugs on my line which prompted my friend the young kibitzer (Carlo, i think, was his name) to rush over to my side. It appeared to be a sizable pangga and boy did it fight my awkward attempts at landing it every step of the way! In the end, my scaly friend prevailed.

I was terribly disappointed. More with myself and my obvious inexperience.

On my next cast, I got another violent tug and this time it was a bigger pangga which we saw when it briefly broke into the surface. I went on and on asking my friend to help me land the fish because I was clearly not confident with my skill but he would only coach me to either tug back and a few other helpful tips which obviously did not register in the height of my panic. For the second time, I lost what could have been a big catch. And I lost my temper too. :(

I got so upset that for a brief moment there, I no longer wanted to cast. But it was an incredibly beautiful fishing day to waste by acting like an irrational brat. As my friend told me, fishing is supposed to be a fun, relaxing activity which I am ruining by behaving the way I did. I guess it was the stress of the past week finally finding an outlet.

Anyway, we lingered for at least half an hour more and as the seconds progressed, I became evidently calmer. And just as I was nearly done reeling in, I saw a small-sized tilapia struggling at the end of the line. Of course, we did the honourable way of releasing it back into the water so it can fight another day.

Meanwhile, Carlo the young kibitzer caught a tilapia weighing 3/4 of a kilo. The tilapia eventually found itself stuffed with chopped onions, tomatoes, garlic and cilantro; lathered with half a cup of calamansi juice; drizzled with olive oil; wrapped tightly in aluminum foil, and baked in the over for half an hour. A seriously yummy dish which I devoured after my Insanity workout.

And that was how my Sunday was concluded – beautifully! :clap:

To show you just how fabulous my fishing Sunday went, here are some photos for your viewing pleasure…


  1. you know blogs have become an integral part of the internet nowadays and this is partly because of good bloggers like you who care to keep there blog in good shape.

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