Men’s Health: Take Her To Paradise

Men's Health March 2011

For high-action adventure-seekers, there are hundreds of reasons to love about the great outdoors. The thrill of riding that 4-foot Hawaiian wave or the excitement of defying gravity as you take those final steps to the summit of Mt. Everest – sure, these things sound thrilling and oh-so-dangerous, the thought alone is enough to keep your adrenalin a-pumpin’.  But there is one more reason to love about the outdoors without resorting to extreme sports and with guaranteed same level of, if not higher, endorphin boost and it’s called (Outdoor) Sex.

Having sex in public is an all-too common fantasy shared by both men and women,  and living in today’s brave new world of exhibitionism made up of blogs, online journals, and YouTube, is certainly making curious partners more daring in turning this giddy fantasy into an orgasmic reality.

Let’s face it, the bedroom – however comfortable that king-sized bed and however fancy the thread count of that Egyptian cotton sheets are – can get a little restricting (read: BORING), especially for partners with above average sexual appetite. In her book, Superhotsex, iVillage sex expert Tracey Cox shares some of the top places to take heart-pumping bedroom action to the great outdoors. To corroborate Ms. Cox’s sexy suggestions, I have asked some women to share their daring outdoor experiences and here’s what I got:

  1. Nature trip.My boyfriend and I were on a motorbike coming back to our hotel from the beach in Phuket when we both got frisky. (I was backriding and…) he was maneuvering the bike with his right hand while his left hand was doing some nasty business down (my) south. The public foreplay was just too much for both of us, so we decided to look for somewhere slightly private to finish our business. We wound up in some offroad track tourists go to for some 4×4 adventure, parked the bike on the side of the track and walked a few feet to the woods so we’re partly concealed but still close enough to see our bike remains safe. He asked me to bend over and it was the best 5-minute rear entry we’ve ever experienced,” shares *Bianca, a Graphics Artist in her late ‘20s.  Being out in the woods (or out in the middle of nowhere) gives our libido an extra boost. Fresh air makes us feel energized and healthy and the child in us associates being outdoors with freedom. As youngsters, we went outside to play “doctors and nurses,” as teens to sneak our first smoke or cop a feel behind the school building. Our subconscious remembers all of this for us and taps us on the shoulder (or on another part) to remind us and to suggest we do wicked things.

For more of these super hot tips, grab a copy of Men’s Health magazine March 2011 issue.

Because I'm a little hardcore like that...

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