Weekend Chronicles Part II

Right. So where was I? A lot of things are happening in Vickyville, dahlinks. And I mean A LOT. As shared with you yesterday, I took home a medal and bag of weird assemblage of home cleaning stuff, body pain liniment, Circulan, and some gift checks from SM when I landed top spot at the BDO Race for Life held last Saturday at the Mall of Asia.

The following day, Sunday, I joined another race – the AACE’s The G.O.O.D Run, organised by the indefatigable Rio Dela Cruz, known to many as Coach Rio. Now this particular race was extra special for me not only because I finished 6th out of 741 runners *wooot* but because I managed to convince a very dear friend of mine, Noel, to run 3k. As most of you know, Noel has been trying on and off to kick his nicotine habit to the curb but so far, he’s been unsuccessful. He would often ask me how I pulled-off going cold turkey on (both) smoking and alcohol binging and I’d tell him running has helped greatly. More than that, running has also opened up for me a whole new dimension of health and hardcore fitness.

I remember the time he accompanied me to my very first race event, the 2009 SLIMMERUN, held at The Fort. He was there to lend moral support, as well as, take photos. And while everyone was running around, he would take long drags from the stick of Marlboro lights lodged between his lips.  It never occurred to him that very early morning in April that he will one day be joining the army of runners and find the experience quite to his liking.

And so it came to be that on the 3rd of April, Noel completed his first 3k run in a little over 21 minutes. I say, not a bad start for someone who’s been smoking for many years. And it seems he got infected by what people call runner’s high because he told me he spent the whole day being uppity-up, happy, and decidedly in anticipation of his next race event. I’m one very proud hot mama because of this!


Go Atche!

As for me, I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend last weekend than doing (a) back-to-back short-distance run and getting great results from it! Placing 6th out of 741 runners is pretty gratifying. Breaking down the results some more, I was first in the age category I belong to – F30 to 39. I mean I’d love to say I’m in my late 20’s but I’m not. This girl is turning 32 in a few months. Yes, I know, I age gracefully. *ROTFL*

See more of the race results here.

For photos, see below.


The G.O.O.D runners

I'm a fangirl like that.

REEBOK here, there, and everywhere!

Running with Bruno my Zig Nano

Let's take it down to the floor, shall we?

With my favorite runner friend Dennis the Running Pinoy

Vicky and Noel

Some like it hard, spiny, and always down on all fours.

Yes, the obligatory jump shot.

More running

Thank you REEBOK and Bruno for a great back-to-back running weekend! I am soooooo back, beeechusss!


  1. Sporty cars · April 11, 2011

    Nice photos! You seem to enjoy…

  2. vickyras · April 12, 2011

    Thank you! And yes, I do enjoy running. 🙂

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