GAG-O: In Which We Say ‘Take LIFE and its crazy turns with a bag o’ salt!’


What is GAG-O?

GAG-O! is an online gag show created by Emperor Eric Cabahug just for fun. And to spread peace and goodwill to all men. And to aliens too. Some content may be inspired by real life but everything should be taken with a bag of salt. Enjoy!

GAG-O debuted last 3 April with the wacky Willie Revillame and Sen. Ping Lacson spoof causing fun riot in youtube-dom. The video, which got good reviews from the GrupongRainbow’s army of 500 fans and viewers (the number is steadily escalating, that much we can assure you!), can be viewed here.

Encouraged by teary pleas of fans and believers from all over the world, GrupongRainbow promptly released the follow-up episode titled Sun of a Beach which, according to very reliable sources, is causing temperature to go past boiling point in some parts of the world. I wonder why.

GAG-O Who?

GAG-O boasts of a powerhouse cast of talented personalities deemed as experts in their respective fields. Let’s get to know them one by one starting with:

ERIC CABAHUG is a scriptwriter, songwriter, director, record producer, copywriter, journalist, and photographer. His works include the award-winning ‘DAYO’, the first all-digital feature-length Filipino animated film, a song recorded by multi-platinum recording artist Nina, a photo published in a Lonely Planet travel book, and a string of well-received television commercials featuring some of the most popular celebrities in the Philippines. He is an undercover demi-god.

ALDZ GALANG — A Communication Arts major from De La Salle University. A multi-awarded TV & Radio Commercial Producer. Aldz bagged his 1st TV AD of the YEar award in 1994 for AYALA CENTER WATERS OF MARCH followed by TIDE BABOY in 1999. He won several international recognitions under the creative direction of top creative OMPONG REMIGIO. Currently, Aldz services agencies like Campaigns & Grey, Publicis Manila, Ace/Saatchi & Saatchi and Leo Burnett handling Clients like Nestle, P&G, Wyeth, Rockwell Land et al. He worked as Post Production producer at The Post Bangkok. A Megastar calibre performer, singer and actor by heart. Hardcore fashion addict.

VICKY RAS — A woman of insatiable thirst for adventure and an incurable lust for life. She’s got the chronic case of elsewheres but her feet remains planted firmly on the ground. A corporate peon she most certainly is – clocking in an average of 60 hours a week, sometimes more if it includes holidays and weekends – but she keeps her creative side lubricated by writing for Men’s Health and Total Fitness magazines on various topics of interest including but not limited to sex, relationships, fitness, diet, health, and did I mention sex already? Oh yes gummy bears, the all-powerful S word. But try to look past the deadly curves, 23-inch waistline, and well-defined/toned midsection — this woman packs a wallop in the brains department.

BUDDY CARAMAT — Insurance Advisor by day, sought-after multi-talented Stage, TV, and Film Actor by afternoon, night, midnight, and all the way until the wee hours of the morning. Plays Badminton. Yoga Enthusiast.  Swims. One very proud Bikolano. A Student of Life — for life. Recently spotted playing Joni in the highly-acclaimed PETA production CARE DIVAS.



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