Race Event: Run4Life 2011

These days, the world – from individuals to large companies – is all about ‘Making a difference’ or ‘Changing lives’ . In most cases, people or companies actually have a mapped-out plan on how this is to be executed. This explains why corporate social responsibility (CSR) projects are all the rage nowadays. ***Digression: Stuff like Adopt-A-River, Adopt-A-School, Adopt-A-Pet, are pretty common these days. For those who are brave/man enough to take on a tempest, may I suggest Adopt-A-Vicky? I heard it’s a worthwhile and gratifying program. Oh, but that’s probably just hearsay. Now there’s your cue to laugh!*** While in some cases, people leave an indelible mark in others without meaning to. It could be that warm smile you flashed some stranger on your way to the taxi queue that prompted him to, say, donate some portion of his income to some foundation which, in turn, will benefit a good number of indigenous people – on that very same day. You won’t have a way of finding out, of course, but these things can happen. And i’m pretty sure they have.

But if you have time and resources at your disposal to help improve someone’s life, would you do it? Yes? Good. Because there’s an upcoming race event organised by the Lifeline Foundation called Race4Life 2011 which just might be the opportunity you’re waiting for to lend a helping hand. By signing up for the race categories available – 3k, 5k, 10k, and 16k – you are effectively helping the foundation sustain the following projects:

1. Satellite School Program

2. Medical Mission

3. Patient of the Month Initiative

4. Community Library

5. Youth Soccer Program


Incidentally, Reebok Philippines is among the roster of sponsors for the race and Team Reebok Running is currently running an exciting contest where you will have a chance to bring home some Reebok goodies! The mechanics are pretty simple: SIMPLY show us a photo of you or together with your other friends who have already registered for Run4Life. Now, there are three ways of doing it:

Team Reebok supports Race4Life

1. If you’re a blogger, upload the photo on your blog and send us the link

2. If you’re a fan of Team Reebok Running on Facebook, you may simply post the photo on the wall

3. If you follow Team Reebok on twitter, you may simply tweetpic the photo and make sure Team Reebok is tagged

TEAM REEBOK is poised to make a difference. Question is, are YOU?

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