White Ain’t Always Might

Finally, an open condemnation of a very racist take on dark skin tone. Have you gone to the supermarket lately? Notice the proliferation of ‘skin whitening’ products there– so much so that they have practically displaced milk and other products ACTUALLY needed by the human body for nourishment? Nowadays, it would be considered an anomaly NOT to find anything with glutathione or whatever it is that they put on these products that supposedly put the dark pigment melanin in check, if not totally obliterate it.

I really don’t get it. This obsessive fascination with translucent white skin. You see, I was born brown and judging by the few photos I have of me when I was but a pesky little monster, I would say my skin tone is even darker today.Yet, you will never ever hear me complain about not being white and feeling less of a human being because of it. I love my color! (So does half of Europe and the States, I’ve been told) If you ask me, it is the vibrant color of summer and the creamy texture of butter. And can I tell you something? My skin even carries the fragrant scent of flowers in bloom combined with the calming scent of the sea in the morning. And no, I am not just saying that. Now if I actually get a penny for each and every time I get complimented on my golden tan, jeeez, I’d be worth a lot more than what my savings account says I’m worth. LMAO.

Brown takes the Crown!

I find it very troubling when people are so uncomfortable in their own skin that they feel they have to alter it drastically – either by injection or endless pill-popping. Why can’t people just love the skin they were born in?

Even more troubling is the fact that most people view skin pigmentation as a characteristic of race that is heavily linked to social status or other human attributes. Take for example the Apartheid-era South Africa which showed us a glaring picture of a white supremacist society based on a system of stratification of power and privilege by skin color. Same thing can also be said in some other countries like Brazil, the United States, and Australia. And now, even in India.

I just hope my fellow Pinoys won’t have it in their demented little heads to outlaw dark skin tone in my lifetime. Otherwise, I will now strongly consider moving to Barbados, with its boundless turquoise sea and endless sandy shores. Oh, be still my wandering heart…


Author: mrsvickyaltaie

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10 thoughts on “White Ain’t Always Might”

  1. has it occurred to you that some people, if not most, are more conscious of the harmful effects of the sun and other free radicals, what with the increasing dilemma of the depleted ozone layer. thus they shy away from it, and therefore prefer to be fair than tan. skin whitening derived from glutathione is only a secondary effect. it’s primary purpose is an anti-oxidant which at some point in our life we’ll need. others prefer to be white, and that’s not to say they don’t smell like magnolias. but if you prefer to be tan, then by all means enjoy it.

    1. Ana dear, obviously I am NOT talking about those who – as you say – are deliberately shying away from the sun because of its harmful effects. You don’t think I’m aware of that, too? I am, in fact, referring to those who go out of their way to alter their skin colour because they think having dark skin tone makes them inferior. Did you click the link to the article published on CNN at the beginning of my blog? Did you get the inferences made on racial undertones? That’s what I am most uncomfortable about. And anyway, did I say anything about other skin color’s smell? Read again, please. If you haven’t noticed it yet, all references I made in my entry were all about ME. Because I am self-absorbed. Loving my colour is not about preferences. I was born with it and therefore I embrace it with both arms. Thank you, by the way, for your comment.:)

  2. Sometimes I kinda sense that this damage of UV rays is also hyped up. One, statistics show that Asians living near the equatorial belt do not have high rates of skin cancer when most are being baked under the heat of the sun on a daily tropical weather basis. Two, if you go to Europe or talk to Europeans, many will tell you that they think you are rich if you get a tan or have a golden tan as it indicates that you’ve been on vacation. I may not be rich but I would love to be considered to be one! 🙂 Three,I really do not like whitening products either. Whether it is an by-product of an anti-oxidant — the truth is you can get all these anti-oxidants from eating fruits and vegetables instead of taking medicine. And for that, it makes life more meaningful and full of joy. What’s the fun in popping a pill when you get the same benefits in pigging out on fruits in season and vegetables that help clean up the tummies?

    1. Hi B! Very true, organic is always better than anything manufactured out of chemical laboratories, no matter how potent they are. I’m FAR from being rich either and I do get what you mean when people from other races inquire about your latest beach adventure because of your tan – which I heard is also quite expensive if you get it from the salon. Of course, there are spray tan available in most beauty shops but that’ll only last for a few hours or days. But again, whatever color you prefer to have slapped on your skin is your own business. Just be very clear about your reasons for wanting to alter it. Because the minute you say you want to be white because dark-skinned people can only go so far and will never be successful, then you have very serious self-image issues. Right?:D

      Goodluck to Team Reebok in Zambales this weekend!!! I wish I can join you guys. But now worries, I will be running with you in spirit. Cheers!

  3. There is mountains of evidence to prove that skin cancer is real. But that’s not what you were talking about.

    Skin whitener products are an attempt to change one’s natural color. For reasons I do not understand, a large portion of the world’s population views light skin favorably to dark skin. White is favorable to dark. Taken to the extreme, we look at Michael Jackson. Through cremes and surgery he tried deperately to make himself white. He tried everything to make himself appear caucasian. Why?

    You really do have beautiful skin ms vickyras. You serve as a wonderful example of why women should not attempt to lighten their skin.

    1. Thank you Chris! And may I just say I am mighty pleased that you actually posted more than 3 sentences in your comment, yey! You normally just dish out some one-liners but now I counted 10!:)

      I’m right there with you: Skin cancer is REAL and it has killed a lot of people. That’s why people really ought to take sunblock/lotion packed with UVA and UVB protection VERY SERIOUSLY.

      Have a fantastic day wherever you might be at the moment!

  4. I so agree with you. I’m glad I gradually was able to convince my bro to love his color.

    And, yes, we both love your tan! Not everyone can pull off that tan, which is one of the reasons there are people who’d want to alter their skin color using those whitening products. I say the hell with what others say and think. Above all, we should love ourselves! ^_^

    1. Hi Mhel! It’s a pity we didn’t see each other at the Fast and Furious movie premiere. I had wanted to go, really, but there was an emergency at home. Sayang, I thought pa naman i’d meet you there na along with other bloggers. It would’ve been my chance also to reconnect with a former client – Teleserv. I handled the account when I was still doing PR many many many years ago. I think I was about 20 then. Still wet behind the ears, so to speak. Oh but I’m sure there will be more opportunities for us to meet. Where’s your brother now? I think I saw somewhere (perhaps his blog) that he has moved to Singapore? Going back to skin color. Ya, I remember when I was young and growing up in a backwater province in Albay, I used to get insulted and made fun of because of my dark skin colour. Some days the teasing would get to me and I would feel extremely sad about it. But over time, I learned to simply ignore the teasing and move on. When I started working, things changed. People, most of them non-Pinoy, would compliment me openly on my ‘glowing’ colour and stuff like that. Then i became more confident, more self-assured and in some days, uhrrrm, slight yabang. hahaha. But that’s not the point. What I really want to say is that one must never allow anyone to put him/her down – especially not on account of skin color.:)

      1. Oh yeah, I thought we’d see each other din at the movie screening. My bro was actually looking forward to seeing your tan up-close. Hahaha.

        He’s actually back from SG. Didn’t work out for him, but he’s pursuing his passion – culinary – and will start school in July. I guess things really happen for a reason. 🙂

        My bro also got teased in elementary up to HS. But, what’s great about him was when he defended this one girl who was badly teased for being dark. They’d call her “Negneg”. My bro decided to come up with his own nickname, “Nognog”, just so the girl will stop feeling so bad about her color. It worked and now they’re best friends.

        Hahaha on the slight yabang comment. I remember, I used to tell my friends who prefer white/fair-complexioned women, “It’s easy to be pretty when you’re white. Paitimin mo yan, tingnan natin kung maganda pa rin.” Hehehe.

        Kidding aside, yes, I do hope people would stop going gaga over being whiter. And yun nga, people from the West would kill to get your tan or something close. Morenas rule! Chos! Hahaha. 🙂

  5. MORENAS RULE and no, that’s not chos! hihihi. Now I really want to meet you and your brother na and I hope soon! That was so nice of him, defending poor girl against her bullies. I bet they all grew up looking like washed-up hags with wrinkled/spotted skin. hahaha.Culinary? Wow. You guys planning on opening a restaurant in the future? You should!

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