As I Was Saying…

I don’t need you.

Wait, I mean I do

only as much as you need me

but not because you have become a habit

or a favored partner

or a dear friend

or my one-time addiction.

I need you

simply because I do.

I feel blissfully strange

about the conversations

we have

with each other

which are so different from those

I have with others

I sometimes feel pushed against the wall

like a stand-up comic

hard pressed to deliver a punch line

to end all punch lines

at the end

or perhaps in the middle of

or during those icy intervals

of a sketch

half the time, terrified,

that I might bore you.

All these silly digressions

we can do without

but then again,

What is the point of having

a conversation?

Ah so, where was I?

Where were we?


  1. Just Kas | Runaholic · May 21, 2011

    where were we?

    Celebrating! 🙂

  2. vickyras · May 21, 2011

    hahahaha! Who’s celebrating?:p I can’t wait to run and Zumba with the team when I get back. Have a fit and fabulous weekend Kas and Trickoy!

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