Where in the world is Vicky?

In Kuala Lumpur –  for a like a hundredth time in six years – that is! Next week, our company will be hosting some 8,000 convention participants for five days and it’s going to be incredible. If our being constantly on-the-go, working long hours even on weekends, etc are any indication of how huge this thing is going to be, then yeah – it is supersized.

I took the 7:50am MH flight yesterday and having only slept less than two hours the night before – as usual I only did my packing that night – and got right down to working soon as I dumped my luggage (23kgs coming here and I realized I left 2 pairs of dominatrix-heeled shoes!) at the hotel, yesterday went by like haze. I was literally a walking zombie, who, apparently, still got a lot of things done,  judging by the check marks I have placed next to the items listed down in yesterday’s to-do list. Ako na ang super efficient na trabahador!

I skipped Insanity yesterday because there was no time and my energy level was hovering somewhere at the base of Mt. Taal. I couldn’t even hold a pen long enough to write on a paper with it, let alone lace up Bruno and do a Shaun T.

Team Reebok to see action in Zambales!

So it seems I am going to miss another great run this coming weekend. When Reebok teammate Kassy told me about the Zambales Fun Run, I was sooo jealous and a wee bit dejected that I won’t be running with Team Reebok. But here’s the great trade-off: On that same day, I will be face-to-face with 2010 CNN Hero finalist Narayanan Krishnan – who will be receiving an award from our company for his great work with Akshaya Foundation. Besides that, Kassy thought of an assignment for me while I’m happily toiling away here. In order to show the world that Reebok is truly the brand for an ultra hip and active lifestyle, I will be snapping photos of Bruno as he takes on miles of walking, running around, including going up and down the stairs of Stadium Putra for five full days – plus an extra day at the Exhibit Area.

Speaking of REEBOK, have you signed up for the ZigTech Run on 5 June? I am going to be so disappointed with you, Loves, if I don’t catch a whiff of your scent at the race. You see, I am fairly easy to please. Just show up at the race with my name tattooed on your chest (preferably muscular with soft hairs covering it – all the better to tickle my cheek silly when I lay my face there) with little red hearts around it and I will carry five of your babies in my womb – one after the other.  Seriously, SIGN UP NOW before I guillotine choke you. Have you seen my powerful arms and shoulders?! Oh the many hurtful things I can do with it, I tell you.

Going back to my KL sojourn and how Reebok just fits into everything oh-so-perfectly — I brought some of my Reebok apparel – running shorts, cap, socks, and my play-dry top – to remind me every single day that I am not allowed to bail out on health and fitness, even when extremely busy. And that’s exactly what I did today. Having taken a break from Insanity yesterday because I was bone-tired from the flight and work, I did double Insanity just before I went to the office around 3pm – Pure Cardio/Cardio Abs + Cardio Recovery. Totally, completely, wildly INSANE!

Reebok-ing even while traveling. The shoes are from Shoebox. Love 'em too!

So on some days, during the event, I will be spotted wearing Bruno and toting around my Reebok gym bag. Subtle enough for you? Seriously, I am a great believer of the brand and more importantly, the products. How can I not be when I have been improving consistently in my running and workout regimen since I got initiated into the Zig technology?

Keep tuned-in to this channel for pseudo live reporting from KL.

Oh wait. Today’s the 21st, right? Aren’t you just glad the world did not end like the doom-sayers claim it would? Teehee. So Babe, we are still going to have those gorgeous fraternal twins after all. We just gotta figure out how to get it right the first time. ROTFLSHMTH.

Oh, oh, oh wait one more second. I have another blogging raket I am so excited to do! Life just keeps getting sweeter I don’t know what I have done for God to have blessed me so generously these past months. I am in awe every single day.

Aaaand that’s a wrap, Loves!


  1. RunningAtom · May 21, 2011

    “preferably muscular with soft hairs covering it… SIGN UP NOW before I guillotine choke you.” – I got afraid, so very afraid that I can’t stop gnashing my teeth while my body shivers with the thought of how can I make my scent get strong enough for you to notice, lol!

    • vickyras · May 21, 2011

      hahahaha! You’re funny RA! Hope to see you there! The vertical component of the race is quite exciting!

  2. Just Kas | Runaholic · May 22, 2011

    No worries, love!

    Zambales run postponed to June 12! 🙂 Still ironing out info again but hey, hopefully we’ll be complete by then!! 😀 xxoo

    • vickyras · May 22, 2011

      June 12?!? Yiheeeeee!!! I am definitely back by then! Let’s DO IT! Have a wonderful wonderful Sunday! I’m at the office which is just across the hotel.:)

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