Movies: 16th French Film Festival

Because I said I didn’t want to be the typical chameleon of a girlfriend who couldn’t wait to suddenly speak French, (I’m a non-conformist, indulge me!) I have decided to put-off learning the language for wee bit longer. But now I’m thinking it’s juvenile and rather stupid of me because French is a beautiful language and I could really use it when I go to Ivory Coast! ROTFLMSAO!

I still know only a few words and phrases, all of which are not meant to be uttered to anyone else but mon amour, but one day soon I will be speaking like an adopted Frenchie.

But for now, this just about how French-y I can get: The much-awaited 16th French Film Festival returns to the Philippines this month and delightfully bringing to Filipino audiences a mix of some of the best and latest action, adventure, comedy, drama and documentary films from France today.

Opening Night: June 8, 6:30 p.m. at Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Manila: June 8-19 at the Shangri-La Plaza Mall

16th French Film Festival

Except for that one time I watched Amélie a looong time ago, I don’t recall ever going to another French Film Festival after that so this one’s going to be special. I hope some of my very dear friends can come and watch with me, as they are usually more ‘cultured’ than I am. hahaha. Paging Noel, Gil, Mark, Cris, Eric, Abi, Kassy and Abby – tara lets! Wait, how do you say that in French?


  1. kassy · June 7, 2011

    sama ako 🙂 alika!

    • vickyras · June 7, 2011

      Lezgowwww! I hope I’m not too wasak then. It would be nice din to get ahold of the screening skeds so we can choose which ones to watch. See you!!

  2. kassy · June 7, 2011

    nous permettre de regarder un film!

    (okay, I sooooooo forgot my french already. May I flip my french books drama! LOL )

    • vickyras · June 9, 2011

      Ikaw na, Ikaw na ang French! hihihi. Sigh, if only i’m not too tamad to learn!

  3. Titanium Runner · June 8, 2011

    Why not have a Team Reebok nightout? I didn’t even know na French Film Festival na! Send me the updated list of movies please!!!

    • vickyras · June 9, 2011

      Last night’s opening film was fun and quirky and was shot mainly in the Philippines. Never a dull moment as the transitions were done quite fast so it doesn’t bore the bejesus out of you. I think I wanna check out the drama flick next time. Tara tayo ulit nina Abi!:)

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