SURFING: Another Item X-marked On My Bucket List

‘Whatever’s bound to happen is already happening…’ or something to that effect. Thus says my on-again, off-again friend earlier today, probably in reference to the latest thing I jumped right into over the weekend. SURFING. Yes, the kind that involves a surf board and  real waves, and me, making countless attempts to ride them.

Brown Surfer Girl.

But first, allow me to thank form the bottom of my heart, the group that keeps me motivated in staying true to my commitment of living a healthy, fit, and active lifestyle; the same group whom I have been running road races lately. Individually, we are as diverse as can be – but when it comes to things that matter such as passion, friendship, commitment, and going that extra mile to help others, we are one and the same. TEAM REEBOK, we rock and we know it!

TEAM REEBOK and friends conquered the waves the day before the race

Surfing was not part of the agenda when on Saturday, the 11th of June, our group (along with friends Dietrich and Running Atom) hied-off to Iba, Zambales for the Fun Run organised to celebrate the 400th anniversary of the municipality. Kassy said there was no forecast of waves in the area and so we may have to settle for swimming or sunbathing in my case, being the only non-swimmer in the group. I said, very well, I could live with that. But when we got there, whoa, the sea painted an entirely different picture from the forecast. The waves were surfable! Not one to waste time, Kassy immediately asked the locals where we can rent boards and if there’s someone who can give me crash course on surfing. Within minutes after checking in to our room, Kassy and I changed into our swimsuits, and I was getting very rough tips on how to mount the board and pop. My fear of water has certainly got in the way of my learning how to swim. For some reason, I get all panicky when water has come up to my neck and I would lose grip of my courage. I am one brave little monster but I draw the line when it comes to things that defy defy depths or heights. Oh but having done scuba diving and surfing nearly back-to-back, am I now to expect bungee jumping, paragliding, or cliff jumping in the near offing?!? Holy guacamole, pass me the barf bag, I’m feeling sick!!!

Grabbing life by the leg.

That must have been the reason why I found it rather difficult at first to pop, coming from a horizontal position on the surf board. My minds keeps telling me I would fall within nanoseconds and true enough, I did. Proving once again the extent of our mind’s power: I think, therefore I am. In my case, I thought I would not be able to stand up and float away and I did fail in my first few attempts. But I got tired of landing on the right side of my ass (which at that time was already starting to feel tender and not in a good way!), so I said ‘Eff it, I am gonna do this!’ And next thing I know, I was already doing this:

Oh but she can ride it!

and this…

Vicky and Kassy conquer Zamba waves

It was so much fun that for a second there I did not quite believe Kassy when she said I will feel the burn on my shoulders and thighs the following day. For how can something so good be painful at the same time? Uhrrrm, Vicky darling, there are actually quite a looot of good things that are painful in equal measure and you know that. Uhmm-kaaay, point well taken. I chipped a toe nail, too, and my nail polish got ruined but these things all seem inconsequential (I mean they really are, anyway) when pitted against the mad high I got out of actually being able to stay vertical for a few seconds on top of a moving surf board. Never mind that the waves were not as gloriously high as the 8-foot wall, for example, that experienced surfers prefer. Never mind all that, because on that day in Iba, Zambales, I became little brown surfer girl.

Again, thank you sooo much Kassy!

Partners in Girly Crimes

Tomorrow, I will tell you a little bit about the Fun Run – in which Aunty Vicky attempted to race against girls half her age and ended up feeling vindicated. I may be 32 next month but my speed, agility, and curves say otherwise. Keep tuned-in, loves!


  1. Calvin · June 13, 2011

    cool. i remember my first time to surf this year lang din sa bagasbas. sobrang rush especially pag nakakatayo ka. 🙂

    • vickyras · June 14, 2011

      Bagasbas is in Daet, Camarines Sur, right? I’ve been there once back in 2003 when we opened a Shakey’s store in one of the malls there. I was part of the Marketing team then. I remember a bunch of us going to that surfing spot and boy was I overwhelmed by the ferocious waves! I’m definitely going to surf again but before that, I gotta learn how to swim, I like to live dangerously but NOT that dangerously.:D

  2. Chris Kelley · June 13, 2011

    Looks like fun, but I’ll bet it’s hard to get good at it. I think you’ll try anything.

    • vickyras · June 14, 2011

      Yup, definitely tough to master the sport. I have the highest level of respect for surfers, especially those who join surfing competitions and make winning their vocation. I’m very much iffy on bungee jumping and the like but we’ll see. I still have some good years on me, might as well make it count by living it up.:)

  3. Just Kas | Runaholic · June 13, 2011

    You have strong core, vicky! Few more practice you might see yourself surfing with tricks and charging more waves than the white water! 😛 I’m glad you went all out for this!! 🙂 I was a little afraid you might get discouraged after few attempts hence I surfed side by side with you ( through the white pushy water! )

    Now, let me join you on that bungee jumping in KL! 🙂

    • vickyras · June 14, 2011

      Thank you so much, Luv for encouraging me to take on the mild Zamba waves! Sama mo ulit ako next time ha! Mwah!

  4. RunningAtom · June 14, 2011

    Vicky you are so brave you made us guys envy at the sight of you slicing through those waves! 🙂
    Well done and salute to you!

  5. teeyah · June 14, 2011

    Awww galing! 🙂

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