This is an old post I recycled from my old blog. Some of the things I found, much to my liking, no longer applies to me and the current state of contentment and bliss (in some areas) – but perhaps you, my dear readers, may find relevant still.


Today is the day that I make a 180 degree turn and change a lot of things in my life.
The funky black ALDO booties I bought recently would be my last. No more indulgent shoe fetish in the next six months, I said to myself, while I allow thoughts of more pairs of shoes in various shapes and colors to go swimmingly in my head.

Today I will swear off on carbohydrates and excessive calories. But first let me finish my slice of chocolate cake and iced coffee I cajoled Davoud into buying me – not too long after I had my fill of Thai food and kaya toast.

Today ‘I will be more patient, more considerate’ I vowed, while silently cursing the cab driver who didn’t want to take me all the way to Makati because he’s on his way to the taxi garage in Quezon City.

Today I will exercise more, and no longer for vanity but for health reasons. And then I got up from my bed, walked barefoot to the full-length mirror, and said ‘Heck, I think i’m losing considerable weight even without exercise.’ I’ll start tomorrow.

I will start making concrete plans to set up my own business, I said to myself upon waking up. Perhaps I should wait a little bit until I am braver to take chances. Or until I have added a bit more to my savings.

I will take good care of my skin, I decide. And then I fall asleep with my eyeshadow and lipstick on.

I closed my weary eyes for a moment and tomorrow becomes today.

And i’m still having this conversation with myself.

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