Race Event: RAIN 4 AFRICA

Count your blessings everyday. Ever heard your parents, friends, or your pastor tell you that? Do you practice it? How does it make you feel?

Blessed? You must be. Not only do you get to eat three square meals a day, you have more than enough to cover your wants as well.

Neglected? I doubt. Not if there are people who suffer like THEY do.

Help find solutions to the famine crisis in Africa

A Lifeline To Africa

Help create awareness and raise funds for donation to East Africa, the region that is facing the worst famine crisis in nearly 20 years.


Register for RAIN 4 AFRICA (A Lifeline To Africa Run) happening on the 13th of November at Westgate, Filinvest in Alabang. Organized by LIFELINE Foundation, all proceeds of this race will go straight to the World Food Programme’s initiatives.

Registration fee for the 3k, 5k, and 10k categories is only P400. There will be NO singlets, NO loot bags…JUST CARE!

Register TODAY!

Registered runners are encouraged to wear a bright shirt/top in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Africa.

For 3k runners, wear ORANGE.

For 5k runners, wear GREEN.

For 10k runners, wear BLUE.



  1. ms_kaye_dy · September 28, 2011

    We’re so blessed indeed! I’ve seen the news and photos about the situation in the Horn of Africa and it’s just heartbreaking… At least I can help in some way through this run. Thanks for posting!

    • vickyras · September 29, 2011

      Thank you Kaye! Hope to see you at the race!:)

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