Trick or Treat!

For the first time in nearly 7 years that I have been with present company, we pulled-off a Halloween Trick or Treat come-to-work-in-character party and it’s so much fun seeing everyone in costume; the office jazzed-up to look somewhat of a haunted house with a backyard cemetery, and; a scary soundtrack that plays in a loop at the lobby. And did you know that we only planned for it yesterday? Says a lot about how fun and creative everyone is here at the office. No to mention, great team players. Must be all the V-Con trainings we’ve had since day one. Hah!

Later, we will be hosting some kids – mostly children and grandchildren of some of our colleagues – and we will stuff them with so much sugar in their system their parents will have the toughest time making them settle down! And why not? It’s Halloween trick or treat after all!

Not to be sentimental or anything, but this is actually the first time in all 32 years of my life that I’m trick or treating. Ya, you could say I had a very deprived childhood. haha. I didn’t realize it was so much fun until I found myself skip-hopping in the house and grinning like an idiot earlier this morning, putting my French maid ensemble on! I felt like a kid all over again. Except that, well, there ain’t nothing kid-like in what I’m wearing. Except maybe the bunny ears. Yes, definitely the bunny ears.

How about you guys? What’s going down where you’re at on Halloween? If you haven’t any place to go trick or treating, come see us – we’ve got treats galore! Just kidding!

Later alligator!

We are actually trying to scare you here...

The French maid and Budoy

Sometimes I like to ponder on things before I get my feather duster to work

Favorite Items no. 6 & 7: REEBOK Easytone & SNOE Beauty Products

Favorite item no. 6: REEBOK Easytone 

Why do I love my Easytones? Let me count the reasons:

I love my Reebok Easytone apparel and shoes for its flashy, vibrant, feminine colours.

I love my Reebok Easytone apparel and shoes for its easy comfort.

I love my Reebok Easytone apparel and shoes for its flattering design and cut that compliment my form and feminine curves.

I love my Reebok Easytone apparel and shoes because they are oh-so-versatile I can wear them with just about anything.

Bikya, my Easytone boots.

No-fuss fashion.

Favorite item no. 7: SNOE 

Ask the owners and they will tell you that SNOE is a reflection of the diverse trends of its consumers as a leader in the local cosmetics industry through innovative and provocative beauty products. As a represented Filipino Brand, SNOE establishes itself as a global beauty brand through its commitment to beauty, youth,and innovation. At SNOE, everyone is dedicated to understanding the value of health and beauty and they passionately pursue to serve their consumers’ daily beauty needs. SNOE commits to continue creating new products to exceed customer expectations.

Ask me and I will tell you this: SNOE is lovingly made to cater to the unique needs of the female skin while enhancing her finer attributes. I have only been using SKIN Stem Cell Sunblock for a few days but I can already feel the difference. My skin is set to oily default and with the old facial sunblock I use, my face gets twice oily as the day wears on. But not with SKIN Stem Cell.  Another product that I have been tripping out on is SNOE Glam Jam – the collection of Lip and Cheek stain that comes in different delicious flavours. It’s very delicate, sweet, and blends well with the skin on my face that I don’t get that blotchy look I sometimes get with other similar products.

SNOE Stem Cell Sunblock is awesome!

SNOE Glam jam (scarlet) on my lips and cheeks

Made of WIN, are YOU?

So you know that I lead a very boring kind of life… on days that I’m not near-drunk with life’s awesomeness, of course. But the past months have really been exceedingly grand in oh-so-many fronts – work, romance, fitness…even my reading has picked up! I had just finished reading Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings and am now almost a third of a way through A Storm of Swords, thanks in large part to Gailey who shared her books on Kindle with me when I couldn’t find book two in some of the bookstores I checked some days back. Well it seems half of the Philippine population have decided to pick up the Game of Thrones novel series after watching the show and learning that season two is not due for release until early next year. I don’t know about you guys but when I started watching, I just had to pause everything momentarily – including running – and didn’t feel an iota of guilt afterwards. No, not even after learning I gained a pound or two doing the damned GOT marathon. Just so you know how hooked I am on George Martin’s obra these days, I locked myself up in the house this weekend just so I could finish Clash of Kings. The usual number of three showers I take on a daily basis was drastically cut into just one shower and I took it just before bedtime because I literally could not peel my eyes off Wilhelmina (my Mac, y’all)!

Thank you (Gail's) Kindle for Mac for this!

And last night, while waiting for Team Perfect aka FTW team at Serendra, I decided to pop in at Powerbooks (used to be A Different Kind of Bookstore) and saw some awesome titles on sale at dirt cheap prices! To cut the long bull short, I left with these two books in tow:

I have always been fascinated by this larger-than-life superwoman.

I was torn between this and Frank McCourt's 'Tis and having remembered how melancholic Angela's Ashes made me, I picked up Rex.

And then Kassy, bless her heart, gave me a copy of You Are an Ironman which she got from the book publisher themselves – now isn’t that just fabulous?!? Ikaw na Kassy! I remember sms-ing her one morning when I saw one of the featured athletes in book making a guest appearance on the Today Show and he told his amazing Ironman story. He had a serious health problem/disability, if i’m not mistaken (I have to read the book to get the details), but instead of wasting away and wallowing in self-pity, he conquered his disability and became an Ironman! And I remember feeling so inspired while watching that short interview, so much so that I have decided I am seriously going to be an Ironman before I turn 35. It’s either that or run the New York marathon. Better if I can do both. Okay, done, I will.

Thank you Kassy!

So there you go…three books + an eBook to keep me intellectually and creatively stimulated in the next few days and even as we prepare for FTW magazine’s second issue with Mr. Awesomeness personified on the cover (we’ll let you make a few guesses on our fanpage very soon).

Speaking of FTW, have you guys seen our maiden issue? I’ll be very upset if you say NO! Seriously you guys, we have a number of distribution channels you ought to visit – preferably right after you read this post.

Your primer for everything made of WIN

  • Reebok stores in festival Mall and Eastwood
  • Plana Forma
  • Curves
  • Nav Thai
  • Wellness Studio by Sport Fit at Power Plant Mall
  • Wicked Kitchen
  • Chris Sports

And a few other places we’ll be announcing soon. And oh, we are also expanding our roster of advertisers and partners so if you or your company would like to be one of the great ones, get in touch with any one from FTW on Facebook here. Or send me an email at We’re launching our website soon, as well, so watch out for it!

Oh, just before I go, may I introduce the FTW Team of Kassy Pajarillo, Marga Deona, Chad Villarmino, Erwin Feliciano, and Lawrz Libo-on. Lawrz and Erwin joined the team after maiden issue was launched so their names will appear in the year-end issue. 🙂

Team Made of Win

Lastly, and I promise I’m clicking ‘publish’ on my blog na after this, FTW is FREE! That’s right, F. R. E. E! Do you know how many great things there still out there that come with zero cost to you readers?! Not a whole darn lot, that’s for sure! Even your crush may not at all be that great and free — but FTW? It’s FREE AWESOMENESS duuuuuude! And that right there is called subtlety at its finest. *wink*

So tell me loves, what are YOU made of?

Sunrise/Sunset (Photo by Mark Montalban)

Congratulations to our dear friend Mark Montalban whose photo was recently included in the CVMP Coffee Table book. I am lucky to be in the company of extremely talented friends!

Sunrise, fingers entwined.

Fingers entwined, sunrise.

What makes life beautiful?

The sunrise or the fingers?

I am once again in awe.

Ah, the simple pleasure of waking up to streaks of morning light…and none of your tormented shadows.

CURVES Girls Night In

Calling all ze Ladies!

As you all know, October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and CURVES BGC is treating us women to a special event called Girls Night In — a yearly gathering of Curves members (present and past) in celebration of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Those of you who were present last year probably still hold some fond memories of GNI but this year, CURVES BGC Taguig promises much more fun and excitement!

Wanna know what they have in store for us curvilicious women? Check these out!

  •  Belly dance led by Via Bonoan complete with all the frills of a belly dancer (you may also join her)
  • Free sample massage and manicure from Luxe Spa
  • Invigorating water from Lightwater with a taste of cupcake from Sophie’s Mom (cheat day!)
  • Hand spa, facial and coloring from Mary Kay
  • Excellent Human Nature products for sale (pro-Philippines, pro-poor, pro-environment)
  • Taste> trial> taste of various supplements from Usana, Tahitian Noni Juice, Herbalife and Bodyvance

And raffle prizes galore for everyone!

That’s NOT all: The highlight of the affair is a talk on Breast Cancer Awareness from two of Curves’ lovely Stronger-Together Curves members and Breast Cancer survivors.

Please come in pink or purple attire and make sure you’re there early because Curves circuit will be closed starting at 4:00pm.

Join and bring a friend!


Find CURVES here:

Bonifacio Global City2/F Serendra, McKinley Parkway
BGC, Taguig 1634 PH
Tel.:(02) 828 0208
Telefax: 915 0773
Globe: +63 917 870.8870
Smart: +63 920 949.9851
Sun: +63 922 817.0353

Claudia is my homegirl.

I am in a running funk. Seriously, I have been logging some serious mileage the past weeks I’m afraid I might be wearing my legs out already, but then it doesn’t seem to be the case really because I have been performing quite well in races – stellar in some, even.  Whoa, that was one long sentence I think a comma or semi-colon should have made its way somewhere in those group of words.  And whoa, did I just say stellar? Such unabashed conceit I have half a mind to edit statement – but I won’t. You know why? Because I have been training fairly well and rather consistently that I feel I have the right to stake a claim on my little accomplishments- like that sweet podium finish at the 2nd PAU 50k Tagaytay to Nasugbu Run, for example.

Tooting my trumpet one last time...

Though I think I have tooted my trumpet pretty darn good about that race and for a good number of days, too, I believe I have done someone a disservice by not giving her a bit more attention: Claudia.

You all have met Claudia, right? She’s officially my homegirl. That day at PAU T2N, she made me experience ultrarunning like I had never before: In which I managed to complete a 50-km stretch of hardcore road pounding with absolutely no injuries – not even a dead toenail.

Claudia, my homegirl.

Since I got Claudia in June, I had scarcely been separated from her. She and I would run around Ortigas area, sometimes going all the way to Pasig or Katipunan, and she would always surprise me with surefooted spring in my stride that just gets better each time.

And her cushioning? Ohmy. I could just go on and on and on about it being absolutely perfect it does make me feel as though I am literally running on clouds.  Except that I probably cannot say literally because I haven’t run on clouds – yet. So should I say ‘metaphorically running on clouds’? Running 50 kilometers is no joke, least of all for people like me who grew up without a single athletic bone in their bodies.  Unless you count playing chinese garter, patintero, luksong-baka, or climbing aratiles and mango trees as proof of hardcore athleticism then, by golly, I am a super athlete!

Like I said in my previous post on PAU 50k T2N, unlike my other attempts at long distance running, I must say, I did pretty well in my training. For two weeks before the race, Claudia and I would set out every morning, clocking-in an average of 15k on weekdays (just before I go to work) and a minimum of 20k on Saturdays. My Sundays are for Church and catching up on my Criminal Minds and other tv series obsession and my reading, of course.

In those two weeks of committed running and sporadic Insanity routine, I have come to love Claudia. Nay, ‘adore’ would be more appropriate a word to describe our two-way romance. She is like the best sister and girl friend I never had! Also a formidable competition with the way she pushes me to go beyond my preconceived limits.

Have you guys read The Game of Thrones or watched the series, at least? You know how they say that for a swordsman to become really dangerous in fights, his arms and sword must be one. The sword must cease to feel like a piece of fashioned steel he’s clutching, but rather a part of him. That’s how I would describe Claudia. When I have her on, she ceases to be this sexy, sleek pair of kicks. She becomes part of my body.

My LSD partner, KB Runner.

BREAKING NEWS!!!! I got the sweetest email in my Yahoo inbox — I qualified for BDM 102!!! Thank you Baldrunner for ending my week-long trepidation!

Now it seems Claudia and I will have to start seriously training for next year’s BDM 102and I am mighty glad to have enlisted the help of this lovely gentleman called KB Runner who agreed to train me for the big race. He’ll be mapping out wild LSD routes for us to conquer on weekends until I’m all set and confident to rock BDM – in sexy style.

I just hope Claudia would still be very much around by then. Oh but she’s one tough cookie, I’m sure she’ll keep it together until we cross that finish line.

Total Fitness: Losing My Sanity

INSANITY came to me one day when a friend gave me a copy of the dvd workout, after I shared with her that my body seems to have already settled comfortably into my running routine that I am no longer feeling the pain I usually associate with a good workout.  Weirdly enough, I was also at that time getting bored of my frequent visits to the gym and lifting mild weights. Surely, there must be something out there more fun, less expensive, and most importantly, would give me the kind of pain my body craves for.

That something turned out to be INSANITY.

Losing my sanity.

INSANITY Workout is a 60-day cardio-based total-body conditioning program that is perhaps the most intense workout ever put on DVD. Fitness expert Shaun T drew on his collegiate track and field training plus his subsequent years of experience as an elite trainer to create a program that takes total-body conditioning to an extreme level.

Now what I like about this workout is that it’s very low maintenance. No gym memberships or heavy workout equipment are required. In fact, all you need is an ample space in the house, garage, the hotel room, or your backyard; towel; water for hydration; and your commitment to dig deep as you go from one level to another – every day for the next 60 days.

Work it!

Now I take great pride in my endurance and slightly high tolerance for physical pain. When I took a peek at some of the workout routines I thought they were pretty doable, even with my zero background in athletics – except maybe for running which I don’t get to do as often as I would have liked. Until I took the Fit Test – which is a prerequisite before you go head-on into the 60-day program. The fit test is a series of workout routines that you have to do as many repetitions of within one minute and it is advised that you do it every two weeks of INSANITY. Although my numbers weren’t as bad the first time, I did not expect to find myself sprawled on the floor, sweat-soaked and breathing heavily. Let’s not even talk about the expletives I let out a barrage of while going through the routines. That was just the beginning.

As I went deeper and deeper into the program, my body’s transformation is beginning to become more visible. First and foremost, I noticed that my core is gaining strength I never once achieved in my years of gymming. I also began sporting abs that was getting noticeably firmer.  The shape that my arms, thighs, and back were taking after merely two weeks of doing INSANITY also pleasantly surprised me.  Shaun T knew exactly what he was talking about and allow me this one line of false modesty, I may just be a walking proof of it!

One of the routines I struggled mightily with. Still not doing it perfectly.:(

Once I had crossed the first half of the 60-day program, the workouts became more intense. This is where nearly every workout routine is labeled Maximum – Maximum Cardio, Maximum Plyo, Maximum Sports Interval – and much to my amazement; my body continues to respond to the orgasmic torture. I was far from getting bored! I realized I was getting addicted to it when I refused to start my day without INSANITY – even while on vacation. I remember when my friends and I were on a holiday in Shanghai, bunking together in a tiny hotel room, I convinced them to move the beds and side tables around just so I could have my small space for INSANITY every morning at 6:30.

I love this workout so much that soon as I finished one cycle, I just took two days off and started the 60-day program all over again! Although unlike the first cycle where I tried not to allow myself to default for one day – and if I ever did, I made sure I did double-INSANITY to sort of punish myself for failing to stick to my workout plan – I was more lenient with myself on Cycle 2. Besides, around this time, my running has picked-up as well and I have become more visible in road and trail races.

Aside from the very obvious fast calorie-burning effect of this high-impact circuit training (minimum of 600 calories per workout), I am a huge fan of INSANITY because it strengthens my core; increases my agility (physical and mental); increases my flexibility (the stretching exercises include yoga poses and are highly effective in avoiding injuries); increases my speed in running; and this has to be said, it has given my body a whole new fierce look /shape – something I never had even when I was in my 20s; nor imagined I would achieve now that I’m in my 30s.

I could almost hear Olivia Newton John's song playing here 'Let's get physical...physical!'

And because I want to spread the fitness virus among friends, I have given some of mine their copies of INSANITY dvd in the hopes that they would get into the madness as well. Unfortunately, I have yet to hear about them completing the 60-day program. I am far from giving up though. One day, I know they will.

***Grab a copy of TOTAL FITNESS October issue for this a lot MORE!


TOTAL FITNESS October 2011

It’s not carved out of stone but initial observation in the United States peg women to be the common sufferers of migraine – with a three out of four of the nearly 30 million migraine patients in terms of statistics. The reason may have to do with a woman’s menstrual cycle, but triggers can also include alcohol, weather changes, stress, food and lack of sleep. Ask people who often suffer from migraine and you would discover that most of them prefer herbal cure and home remedies – for a good reason. As it is, migraines are incapacitating and prescription drugs at times are associated with side effects.

Here are some remedies that you can try:

Water. The many great health and wellness benefits of water cannot be emphasized more. Oftentimes, these headaches are caused by lack of water in our system.

Butterbur. Root extracts of the Butterbur plant has been employed for medicinal purposes since hundreds of years. A research conducted in 2004 showed that the intake of seventy-five mg of butterbur two times a day appeared to be working in lessening the regularity, strength and time of migraines. Detrimental reactions to watch out for, however, are burps, weariness, scratchiness and abdominal issues.

CoQ10. CoQ10 or coenzyme Q10 is a substance manufactured by the cells of our bodies. According to Dr. Brian Grosberg, assistant professor of neurology and director of Inpatient Headache Program at Montefiore Headache Center in Bronx, NY, taking 300 milligrams per day has proven to be effective in reducing head pain. The downside: It can be expensive.


***For full story, grab a copy of TOTAL FITNESS October issue.