Better Together.

Wow. The past two weeks in Malaysia just zoomed by it feels as though I merely blinked a few times and I’m home, once again behind the desk, trying to make heads and tails of the year 2012 and how I can make it even more grand than 2011 – in so many different facets of my all too-grown up world. I think I did pretty okay this year. I had a somewhat tumultuous start, which I attribute to my penchant for ambivalence and playing it safe when I should have been taking great risks; and doing the exact opposite when I really should have been more logical and pragmatic. At 32, surprisingly, I still sometimes fail to get it together. Oh I do appear to be in total control of the situation all the time, but 3 out of 10 – still not a bad fraction, if you ask me – I’m simply bluffing my uncertainties and inadequacies away.

And since 2012 practically has one foot planted firmly on that spot where 2011’s exiting foot should’ve been, I have an excuse for waxing nostalgic at midnight. Would you kindly indulge me? Oh never mind. You know darn well I would ramble on regardless. If I ever did great in anything this year, it would have to be on these three areas: Career, Relationship, and Personal Growth. I know it sounds too self-indulgent and perhaps it is, but from where I’m sitting, I have far less reasons to complain now than last year – or even the many years before. Or perhaps I have simply become more tolerant of disappointments – people and scenarios alike? Be that as it may, I’m still inclined to think Life has been kinder – generous in unquantifiable measure – to me.

My passion has not waned and my faith has grown stronger, thanks in large part to the people around me: the love of my life, my brother, some of the truly amazing people I work with (there are only a few of them I respect and love with such ferocity and I am truly grateful for the learning experience), and the few people I consider good friends. All of them, I must say, are worth so much more than their weight in pounds.

Especially you, C. Remember that song I told you would make a perfect march song? Thank you for turning out to be that one person I can say those words to – without having to conjure up some perfect image I know would only shatter at the slightest ripple.

As individuals, we are strong and capable, no doubt about it. But together, We. Are. So. Much. Better.


  1. shaz · November 15, 2011

    wait til you have kids, vicky. your views would mellow, and you will even look at life with rose-tinted glasses. we do grow old and become more tolerant or accepting of many things, both good and bad. it’s not pandering…i should like to call it selflessness. and being selfless is often the most singular cause of our happiness. you are an amazingly introspective and honest writer. cheers!

    • vickyras · November 23, 2011

      I’m actually looking forward to motherhood – and I can’t believe I am saying this. hahaha. I have no doubt that it will change a lot of things in my life – mostly for the better, I’m quite certain of that. What’s the best part about being a mother, for you, if you don’t mind me asking?:) Thanks Shaz for occasionally visiting my online fiefdom.:)

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