In Which I’m Not Allowed To Get Sick

But I’m only human and so yesterday, I did. And it was so horrible I couldn’t talk because my throat was inflamed; I couldn’t move much because my joints ached like there’s no tomorrow; and I couldn’t feed myself due to combination of the first two. And so it came to be that I must’ve lost 2lbs at least from yesterday’s unwanted house arrest. All I managed to eat at around 8:30pm was half a cupcake and a glass of milk.

I thought it was perhaps the long hours of meetings and work from my last trip that somehow took toll on my body. And of course, in one of my most stupid stunts yet, I made STC+hiphop+bodyjam nonstop my first agendum when I arrived. Hoping that sweating out the early signs of flu would deter it. I was wrong. My immune system only got vulnerable to the virus’ onslaught. So in the end, there I was in bed yesterday, fever-ravaged and majorly debilitated.

But, now I’m back. Still feeling weak but hellbent on coming to work and getting stuff done. And perhaps, later, if I’m good, I would treat myself to Old Spaghetti’s newest lunch set promo which I have recently favorited because it’s good stuff – and cheap! I’m still thinking if I’m up for pole dancing + power yoga later after work because I’m still really not a hundred percent okay. We’ll see.

On a totally unrelated note, lately it’s been pretty warm outside I’m always nauseated. The other day, I walked no more than 30 feet outside the building and my back was already drenched in sweat within five minutes! I miss those chilly days, and especially the chillier nights, of the ‘ber’ months. Remember those days? They seemed to have gone on a semi-permanent retirement, never to be felt again in our side of the planet. But as Nora Ephron would say, consider the alternative. I would take my sweat-drenched clothes anytime over having to wade in waist-deep flood waters which, as you know in the Metro, is almost similar to opening the floodgates to various water-related diseases and infections and literally inviting them to take your mortal body hostage. This climate change is really alarming and I would loathe to imagine how the next generation would cope if the worsening situation is left ignored.


So I bit the bullet and finally registered for Bataan Death March (BDM) 102 next year. That’s right, 102 kilometers and over 10 hours of nonstop road-pounding under hot weather conditions. I know a few people who survived the ordeal which gives me some level of comfort that I won’t be signing my life away…hopefully. But that does not, in any way, excuse me from being lackadaisical when it comes to my training (it hasn’t started yet so i’m starting to feel jitters sprinting up and down my spine) – a major character flaw of mine, I must admit. I’m such a slacker I never would have made it as a serious athlete!  But just so you know, I’m an entirely different animal at work. My dedication, loyalty, and hard work are unquantifiable! Hello, colleagues! *wink*

This is it!

No why am I even doing BDM 102? Good question. It’s because I can. haha. No, seriously, it’s because I see it as the apex of my ultrarunning career (naks!) while my knees are still good. I’m 32 and obviously, I still want to keep my knees for many years (and I heard you need them for walking down the aisle, i’m just saying…) so at some point, I will have to take it very easy. But only after I have carved my name in BDM history.

So, training it is. But aside from that, I also need to talk to serious runners and get valuable ultrarunning pointers from them because my bara-bara ways simply won’t cut it anymore. I can usually charm my way out of anything BUT I don’t think I can charm my way out of a DNF, haha. I’m still carrying emotional scars from my last DNF, thank you very much, and I have resolved never to take that course again. Dinamay ko pa si Dennis the RunningPinoy!

So tomorrow, I will start running again, only this time, I am breaking-in my pair of Reebok RealFlex – which I’m thinking of naming Basia because the original Basia (my pink ZigTech) along with Chris’ pair of Zigs were stolen a few months back, sob sob sob – which I’m reviewing for Total Fitness. RealFlex is Reebok’s major entry to the lightweight footwear category  and it is truly light at only 9.2 ounces in weight. I am also very excited to see whether the famed 72 “sensors” underfoot really work in  providing a new free form and natural movement experience while running. I just love Reebok’s innovative technology and fresh designs!

Check out the 72 purple!

Basia in another form - sleeker and lighter.


Oh, by the way, if you guys happen to be at the Megamall area on November 30 to December 4, drop by Megatrade Hall 2 for Royal Sports SUPER Christmas Sale! Get jaw-dropping discounts on brands such as Reebok, Diadora, Teva, Rockport, Oakley, GBX, Everlast, to name a few! And if you’re a hoarder like me, you would probably end up buying something from each brand. Mark your calendars, people!



  1. Titanium Runner · November 21, 2011

    You lost Basia??!?! Oh my goodness. I didn’t get to read that one in your previous blog entry. 😦 But hey, at least you got a nifty pair of new shoes! Let us know how it feels!

    • vickyras · November 21, 2011

      Basia was stolen. Along with the Zig pair I bought Chris. So I’m buying him another pair because I really want him to keep as fit as I am. Bawal sa relasyon namin ang hindi fit and sexy. hahaha. See you Friday, B!

  2. Edgar A. De Jesus · November 22, 2011

    See you at BDM. Also took the plunge and paid before the deadline LOL.

    BTW, I live/work in Ortigas Center and often see you around Emerald and ADB Ave. 😀

    • vickyras · November 22, 2011

      Oh really? Have we met before? Have you started your training na? Good luck to us come BDM time!:)

      • Edgar A. De Jesus · November 23, 2011

        LOL. No, but I do see you in runs. 🙂

        Yeah started training na with my brods. I wouldn’t dare run BDM kung wala akong kasama hahahaha. Plus makulit yung brod-coach ko. He ran the 102 2 years ago and naghahanap ng kadamay. 😀 He’s running 160 this year (2012).

        Good luck! 🙂

      • vickyras · November 23, 2011

        Ah. I haven’t been joining races nga lately. Thanks to my crazy schedule. But i’m also not one to let my passion for running just lay sedentary so I still make it a point to run as often as I can when in town. I know some people doing 160 din. For my part, I think I’m stopping at 102 and maybe concentrate on tri after. Or if not, aspire to be a good pole athlete. haha. Alrighty, have a good day!:)

  3. Paula · November 28, 2011

    I think we’re working on the same building and the same floor. I often see you around and check out your outfits. Love the bold colors. 🙂

    • vickyras · November 29, 2011

      Really? You from the Ad agency on our floor or the 50th Avenue office?:D Thanks!

      • Paula · November 29, 2011

        From the ad agency (which is actually the sister company of 50th Avenue). 🙂

      • vickyras · November 29, 2011

        I figured! It can only be either one of the two since we’re the only tenants on the floor. haha.:) Thanks again Paula! Maybe i’ll meet you soon?:)

  4. Tableau contemporain · December 4, 2011

    hi, that’s a nice post. i hope you will continue to do this 🙂

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