It’s Day Three and though it seemed at that point it would be tough to top our ClubMed Kani adventure, Chris and I woke up much earlier than the previous day determined to catch the sun rise majestically over Thulusdhoo. I was up by 4am, promptly downdogging on the floor while waiting for Hubs to wake up and join me for a walk down the beach.


In praise of the sun(rise).

At 5:30am, we found the perfect spot to watch the sunrise just in front of Cokes Surf Villas. Perched on a fallen trunk of a mid-sized tree like eager petits singes, we watched with a great deal of fascination the old women of Thulusdhoo who were systematically sweeping dried leaves scattered on the beach – with very precise strokes of the broom. Not a word was exchanged among these women and they just kept sweeping the beach area to spotless perfection – even long after we were done with our walk. If you’ve never watched the sunrise on the beach, you are definitely missing out on one of the greatest moments in life! There’s just no substitute for it. Chris and I had a grand time stretching and doing breathing exercises while the sun was slowly peeking out of the dregs of the night clouds (is there such a thing?). Anyway, we both loved the sunrise experience so much that we made time for it again on our last morning in Maldives. This time, on the beach right next to our petit inn at Hulhumale (watch out for Part quatre). In Part One, I have shared some Thulusdhoo sunrise photos but here’s one more for good measure. 🙂


Break of dawn.

We had snorkeling ($40 per person) and Chickens Island tour on our agenda for Day Three. Like the rest of the group, I was very excited to go snorkeling until I met a petit accident just after my first jump and the monster in me emerged. **tantadadaaaannn** I was trying to climb back up the boat when it lurched and I scraped about an inch off my skin – which again, would have been okay as I am used to getting injured anyway, YES, even when I’m asleep (scratched my face a few times while sleeping so I never grow my nails long enough for them to scoop my eyeballs out in some freaky sleeping accident, haha) – but the cut was right on my left shin, exposing a little bit of the bone there. I didn’t cry, no, but I was so furious I wanted to lash out at something or someone – and guess who was well within ‘lashing out’ reach? Uh-oh. According to Chris and Eric, the view underwater is so beautiful it’s as if scenes from ‘Finding Nemo’ have been replayed for their exclusive viewing pleasure. And I missed all that. C’est dommage.


Here’s Hubby happily snorkeling while I was seething. LOL.

So anyway, my horrible mood ruled me until the following day when we arrived in Malé (I will only get appeased during our city tour when I’ve had my chocolate milkshake – Hubby’s peace offering, haha. He really gets me, my darling hubby!), so you can imagine how much of a downer I was for the remainder of Day Three. I did try to amuse myself by walking around Chickens Island (our next stop after Chris and Eric have had enough of snorkeling), taking photos, walking from one end of the tiny island to the other end looking at baby sharks and manta rays swimming close to the shore, and yet, I was far from pleased. Not even the idea of us having dinner at Tim’s washboard abs, errr, surf joint later that evening could jolt me out of my childish tantrum. Anyway, you know that thing in the movies where hot surfers prance around day and night garbed only in their board shorts worn so low on their hips you don’t need a lot of imagination to ‘see’ what’s going on down there? Well, I’ll have to say it’s pure fiction because that night, Tim was wearing a freakin’ shirt! Lugi kami, soli bayad! LMAO.

But back to Chickens Island. This tiny piece of isolated island just a few hundreds of meters off the coast of Thulusdoo was named so because the locals used to breed poultry there. But as the chicken population grew, the risk of poultry diseases that could be passed on to the consumers was also on the rise. And so the locals decided to stop breeding chickens on the island but the name caught on. According to this surfer guy, Chika (incidentally, the 5th best local surfer in Maldives) – who was also there on the island and was nice enough to show me the baby sharks and manta rays – some resort developer group has already won the rights to convert Chickens Island into an exclusive resort. If it happens, then perhaps it will bring more employment opportunities for Thulusdhoo residents. There is a fee of $5 per person at Chickens Island which you will pay directly to the caretakers over there. If you’re planning on spending a few hours on the island, be sure to pack food and water as there is nothing you can buy to eat or drink there. All in all, the island is charming in a raw kind of way and the beach does not have a lot of jagged rocks making it ideal for leisure swimming. Even though you might encounter a few baby sharks, I doubt if Mommy Shark is swimming close enough to bite off your limbs or other extremities. Here are some photos of and around the island:


I love all these wharf things that you see almost everywhere in the beaches of Maldives.





See that bloody spot on my left shin? That was the trigger to my tantrum that nearly rivaled the catastrophic Mt. Merapi eruption. Drama queen much, I know.

image (10)

In which it is proven that I can suspend irascibility for two seconds to do this.:P

Day Three was definitely not one of my best days and though on the surface, it didn’t look like I’d be able to bounce back fast enough for me to enjoy the sights and sounds of Malé the following day, I did manage to come around – but only after I had expunged all drama out of my system. Ouh la la. Thank you mon amour for being the soft voice of reason in the midst of all my irrationality. What can I say? I am a very lucky girl.

Malé, you’re next. 🙂

End of Part III


  1. Eric Cabahug · March 20, 2014

    Yeah, boo to Tim for putting something on that night!!!

    • vickyras · March 20, 2014

      Just when we thought we could have ‘pandesals’ with grilled fish that night…he went on and vanquished our dream! hahahahaha.

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