Things To Consider When Choosing The Best Headphones For Air Travel

If you travel by plane a lot, particularly on long-haul flights, choosing the right kind of headphones is probably just as important as choosing your seat. I remember when my then-fiancé-now-loving-husband gave me my first Bose QC 3 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones as Christmas present a few years ago. I thought they were the best thing ever and they certainly made my travels more fun! But with many brands with their numerous headset models, choosing the perfect pair can be very tricky nowadays. Thankfully, Headphones Unboxed just made it very easy for us.

But first, HU suggests you consider these factors when choosing your air travel headphones:

  • Noise cancelling or noise isolation feature. Airplanes and airports can be extremely noisy with constant stream of people, engine sounds and announcements blaring through loudspeakers. Investing on a good pair of noise cancelling or noise isolating headphone will make your waiting and travel time more pleasant.
  • Portability. Headphones that are lightweight, durable and easy to pack make for great travel accessory.
  • Headphones that don’t leak sound. As much as we like to indulge ourselves in some in-flight film and music entertainment, we also wouldn’t want the noise to be leaking out of our headphones and disturbing our neighbours.
  • Sound quality. Of course, none of the first three will matter greatly if the sound quality – sound reproduction, clarity, balance and bass – is poor.

Lastly, you would want to pay the right price for your headphones and not feel as though you had just been robbed of your precious dollars. For headphone model recommendations, check out HU’s list here.

I thought it was perfect timing that I came across Headphones Unboxed just as we were contemplating retiring our QC3, which has fallen into serious disrepair after 5 years and not enough protection against humidity and heat exposure. We considered switching brands, testing out a few sets each time we’d make a trip to the mall, but we always find ourselves favouring Bose – stopping short only when we consider the price, which is still relatively higher than most headphones out in the market. Thankfully, we qualified for the upgrade promo and ended up paying only a little above half of what it would’ve cost us to purchase the amazing QC25 Noise Cancelling headphones  off-the-shelf!

Bose QC25_vickyras

Still the best air travel headphones for us.

Aside from the QC25’s indisputably fine sound qualities, I’m also a big fan of its more compact look and sleekier design, not to mention the around-ear fit of the headphones. The semi-hard case that the headphones come with is noticeably smaller than that of the QC3, so it’s more convenient to lug around.

Something tells me we are going to have an awesome time in the plane on our upcoming long-haul flight!

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