Boracay sizzles with Bigfish’s Summer Energy!

Are you ready to go bouncin’ in Boracay with BIGFISH’s Summer Energy? You’d better be, because on April 5-8, BigFish together with Freedom Music, present a three-date party series called Summer Energy 2012 with two of Armada Music’s hottest talents and dance music’s most promising acts: progressive house artiste Ashley Wallbridge, Nathan C. of Housexy and award-winning trance tandem Aly & Fila. Joining them at the decks are Bigfish resident DJs DJ Green and DJ John Paul Lee.

Summer Energy 2012

This year’s Summer Energy is Bigfish’s most exciting and ambitious one to date. It kicks off with the chilled-down Sunset Sessions on April 5  at the beachfront of Paraiso Bar in Station 2. Taking the energy up several notches is the Main Party happening on April 7, 8pm, also at the beachfront of Paraiso Bar, where revelers can sway until the summer sun rises. But the celebration doesn’t stop there—on April 8, from 6am onwards.

Bigfish’s yearly sojourn to the country’s favorite summer spot has been attracting party-hearty vacationers like bees to honey since 2001, when they staged their first summer outing at Boracay’s pristine shores. The exhilarating dance beats combined with the salty sea air, the powdery sand, and the waves lapping on the shore have made Bigfish’s brand of beach partying unbeatable. Over 10 years since Bigfish first set foot in Boracay, theirs is still the biggest and longest-running party on the island.

BIGFISH Summer Energy 2012 is presented by Bigfish and Freedom Music, with major sponsors Spy Wine Coolers, Red Bull, Cuervo Tequila, Boracay Eco Village. Official media partners are Magic 89.9, Kalibo Cable, Radio Boracay 106.1, Focus Media, Killer Bee, Mellow 94.7, Wave 891, 99.5 RT, Myx, Velvet, People Asia, FHM, Where, Clavel, Uno, Garage, Metro, Maven, Adobo Magazine, The Philippine Star, Business Mirror, Manila Bulletin Lifestyle, Business World,,,,, Focalcast, Media Magnet,, and Special thanks go to official residence partner Diamond Hotel, O Music and Video, Oliver’s Super Sandwiches and Gold’s Gym.

Supported by The Philippine Department of Tourism.

Coming up next for Bigfish is another much-awaited yearly tradition: the massive dance fest that is Bigfish Innovation White, happening on June 23. Every year, Innovation White unites Manila’s clubbing community in this white-themed celebration, where all party-goers don their purest white threads. For this year’s Innovation White, Bigfish pulls out all the stops and presents a total of seven acts! Expect one wicked musical ride courtesy of Chris Raeuber, The Japanese Popstars, Cosmic Gate, Myon & Shane54, Bobina, John Paul Lee, and Emma Hewitt live on vocals.

For inquiries, please contact Team Bigfish through (02) 6327762 or (02) 6348238. For more information, visit


Do You Believe?

But then, I, too, wear the garments of pride and ego perhaps of a better fabric than yours and now I know I am a super female, the xxx-chromosomed human being if you care to call that.


These days I feel somewhat of a minimalist, in the way I am, the way I speak – usually with short sentences and some measured hand gesturing. What I wear is not very different. I am, and always have been branded, a non-conformist. I do not subscribe to a particular school or generation of fashion (among other things) and wear whatever I feel most comfortable in. Except that recently, I have taken to wearing flip-flops, flat ballet shoes, glittery sandals, and well, my Reebok Zig Nano, most of the time because I want to give my feet and ankles a break from my dominatrix-heeled shoes. You’ve lost a lot of weight, my running friend Lauren remarked last night, and I was openly happy with her observation because three weeks ago before I started Insanity, I have been having nightmares of checking into a fat farm. So I say ‘oh maybe it’s running or maybe it’s the fact that I’m happy, well, happy-ish.’ Sometimes, like last night on my way to Coffee Bean to meet up with her, I watch old people sitting outside Gloria Jeans and some bars, I see some of them, still flaunting cleavage, still bearing radiant smiles despite their age, and I can’t help but think to myself that maybe if I fold in my edges, or remember to always sit with my back straight, maybe if I start wearing sunblock on my face and exposed body parts and not stare directly into the sun, or maybe if I do NOT let disappointment and frustration show in the corners of my mouth, maybe I will escape getting old and wrinkly.

Maybe I will be the only person to be always young.

Being happy-ish is somewhat different from being happy. It’s somewhere near the happy alley and it’s still a lovely feeling, don’t get me wrong. But at the same time, I’m aware, always, alarmingly, aware that this happy-ish state will end and that shortly, maybe in the near offing I will be sad again. Well, not sad, but sad-ish. I bought flowers last night just before the mall closed and they were white and yellow and very pretty. I took them with me, softly whispering into their petals about what I hoped they’d bring to my tiny space across the street. About how I wanted to be the sort of person who bought flowers for themselves and put them up and I’d always have flowers because having beautiful flowers shows you’re the kind of person who does things like that on impulse. And when I got home I put them into a ceramic coffee mug half-filled with tap water because I don’t have a decent flower vase and tried to make them look pretty. And when I was quite satisfied with the way they crowded the ill-sized mug, I smiled and thought maybe I’m a flower person after all. Just as I was a fish person when I had Humpy the Flowerhorn and Toti and Friends, my playful Oscar fishes, four years ago. Just as I was a dog person when I had Fido the mongrel and Tiny the Doberman, years ago.

To have and to hold.

Boracay this weekend has somewhat freed me of encumbrances of the emotional kind. Fairly soon this erratic mood swings will end and I will once again be I-don’t-really-know-what-I-will-be but the point is, maybe I shouldn’t be adding another maybe to my list, and instead make room for none at all. Perhaps I should just let stars explode behind my eyelids. Yes, I should allow this to happen without fighting pulse by pulse.

Do you believe in fate, in reincarnation, in karma, do you believe everything happens for a reason, do you believe in the power of the internet, do you believe in dinosaurs, do you believe in coincidences, do you believe in compatibility and meant-to-bes, do you think everything is an accident, do you believe in God or the higher power, do you believe in science, do you believe in free will, do you believe that every action has an equal and opposite reaction, do you believe in sex for sex’s sake, do you believe that there is indeed a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, do you believe a man and a woman can never be “just friends”, do you believe that if you want something badly enough, it’ll happen?

I believe.

In You.

In Us.

Because You Are Altogether Wonderful To Me.

Seven hundred thirty days on the 30th of March. Numerically, that’s how long we’ve been together. It hasn’t been easy. I have not exactly been the perfect little girlfriend, especially when my monster alter-ego surfaces in those rare mornings that we share. And do we even need to talk about those times I’ve been extremely selfish and irrational? But you stuck it out with me. And truth be told, sometimes it baffles me why. I have seen myself at my worst and even I wouldn’t want to be in the same room with me, if you know what I mean. But you, you are just too wonderful for words. And I? Well, I can only utter prayers of endless gratitude to The One who gave you to me.

Je t’aime enormement.

Has it really been two years?:)

Boracay 2011

Because Life needs a little frosting.:)


Travel: Goin’ Balinese


Sunset view at Kuta Beach


What else can I say about Bali that hasn’t already been said over and over again by people who have visited the island and found themselves lost and completely enamored by it? We flew in from Singapore in themorning and what greeted us was nothing at all like I expected. Yes I’ve read Eat Pray Love; wikipedia’d and Lonely Planet-ed Bali like crazy; and have likewise spoken to people who have been there so you would think I’m already sorta in the know and there’s very little that could surprise or excite me about the trip.

Until our driver Yus (a very affable fellow, that Yus) took us on a quick city tour and I found myself unable to contain my awe as I stared open-mouthed (the look I had on was quite embarrassing actually and I’m glad it didn’t show in any of the photos!) at the temples and resorts we passed by…

From the airport, Yus first took us to a beachside restaurant called Blue Marlin. The restaurant offered a nice view of the beach (name escapes me at the moment) and the huge waves which scared me a little but the surfers obviously loved – but that was all. Food was overpriced and the steamed crab that we ordered didn’t have much meat. An anorexic crab was what I called it after seeing that it barely had anything in it to satisfy our gnawing hunger. Good thing there was vegetables and the soup was at least good. Oh, and just before food was served, an all-male singing group with guitars and a violin, went over to our table and serenaded us with Robbie Williams’ Angels and James Blunt’s You’re Beautiful which I’m hoping they chose because I am both and not because of the tip we gave them. Oh maybe they did choose the songs appropriately because the tip came much much later. Good job, Blue Marlin singers!


Ripcurl Surfing Competition at Padang Padang


Though still a bit famished after our disappointing lunch, we decided to move on with the rest of the tour so we can make it in time for our, ehem, romantic dinner at the villa. Yus drove us to Padang-Padang resort where there’s a Ripcurl surfing competition happening. We only stopped for a few minutes on the bridge where we have a good view of the surfers and onlookers but didn’t really go down to where the real action is. Instead, we took a few photos and admired the view from the top.

From Padang-Padang, we drove up to Uluwatu to check out the temple. For an entrance fee of Rs 3,000 per person, you get an amazing view of the ocean (not sure if it’s the Indian ocean or something else altogether) from the cliff where the temple is actually perched on. Those of us who were wearing short dresses and shorts were asked to wear some very colorful cloth, sarong-style, as a show of respect to the place and the spirits that dwell there.

Now I gotta tell you about the monkeys. They’re all over Uluwatu temple! You’ll see them on tree branches, on the ground, on top of the temple walls – eating, ALWAYS eating! Which I found extremely cute and their carefree ways one might say are enviable – until one of them snatched my shades from my head and ran off with it! For a moment there, those monkeys didn’t seem very cute anymore. Can’t blame them entirely because Yus warned us rather sternly to keep our shades out of sight because the monkeys just love to snatch them and I, of course, didn’t listen. Good news is, I was able to get it back. Rather, one of the locals retrieved it for me for Rs20,000. Which got us into thinking that maybe, just maybe, those little furry fellas are in fact in cahoots with the shades and what-not-retrieving locals and they each get a banana or peanuts for a certain amount of tip. Lol. But those monkeys were really cute and the view from the Uluwatu temple is certainly one for the books – or postcard, at least.

After seeing what must have been a hundred or more monkeys, it was time to go to Heliconia Villa – our very fancy home for the next three days. But not before passing by Kuta beach first…for the sunset view.

Now as you know, I am huge fan of Boracay and its sandy white beaches and Kuta beach is definitely nowhere near Boracay in the powdery sand department. But I still found Kuta to my liking – especially with the hot surfer dudes and chicks on the prowl. And the whole Kuta stretch, I grudgingly admit, is by far more structured and organized than the chaos that has now become of my paradise island Boracay. And the sunset, ohmygaaaad, the sunset! It’s everything that I could ever want in a sunset.  Too bad we didn’t have a bottle of beer or a glass of wine to make the experience more enjoyable.

From Kuta, we finally made our way to Seminyak district where Heliconia Villa is located and what greeted us when we walked into the villa was like a dream – a dream that smelled of flowers and incense and with rose petals strewn all over the place…from the pathway, to the private pool, to the outdoor bar and kitchen and living area, all the way to the bedroom and the bathroom which had an ivory white bathtub in the middle filled with warm water and, what do you know…more red rose petals!

What followed after that was a flurry of pre-wedding, actual wedding and post-wedding activities. Not mine, of course, but the reason why we wound up in Bali in the first place was to attend B’s friends’ wedding. It was my first time to attend a French wedding and it didn’t at all seem any different from the few weddings I’ve attended – except that the officiating priest in Uluwatu, though Catholic, did not go through the elaborate catholic mass ceremony and instead officiated only the exchange of vows and the putting on of the wedding bands. The wedding place itself was like a little slice of heaven perched on the side of the cliff with the great view of the Indian Ocean below. It was so romantic that it’s quite easy to comprehend how and why couples can fall in love all over again just by being there.

After the wedding, the guests were requested to be at the wedding dinner at Villa Mathis which is a good ride from our villa. Food looked amazing but only B had a taste of it as I was still quite full from the late lunch we had. I helped myself to a glass of red wine though which warmed me up a little bit. We were talking to this French couple and their lady friend but I would only be able to pick up a word or two and the rest, well, B would translate for me. They didn’t speak English much you see and my French, of course, is practically non-existent!  But it was fun and the two French ladies, though in their late 30s or early 40s look extremely good and sexy that I couldn’t help but wonder if nature would be just as gentle with me when I get to their age. Fingers crossed.

The following day was our last day and the only time we would ever get to spend alone and away from the milling crowd. We woke up early, had our breakfast, and headed down to the beach. I was already starting to develop painful heat rash all over my body but I was determined to lie on the beach nonetheless. The sun was beating down on the Seminyak beach so hard I was nearly roasted by the time we decided to pack our beach stuff and make our way back to the villa to grab a quick lunch and surrender to the expert hands of the Balinese masseuse for a 2-hour massage and body scrub.

It was one kind pampering I will never forget! The massage was very relaxing and the body scrub, although at times very painful because by this time my skin was already inflamed with heat rash, felt just as heavenly.

Finally, it was time to leave Bali and at that point, I was torn between wanting to stay for a little bit more and going back to my home country which I have missed so much while I was away.  Our Bali trip was beautiful but somehow it felt like a lot of things were missing to complete the experience only because I didn’t get to soak in the island in my own terms. I didn’t get to eat local food; didn’t get to scour the shops and galleries which I would have wanted to do; didn’t get to run around the island as much as I had hoped. Come to think of it, I still have a laundry list of things I want to do next time I’m in Bali. I’m thinking maybe traveling to the island solo would give me an entirely different perspective of Bali and everything it represents. I am definitely going back.

Travel: Boracay, Our Island Paradise

Photo taken by Eric Cabahug.

Reposted from here.

2009 was the year when my life – what with all the drama, the joys and the many wondrous discoveries – has evolved into an uncanny moment of clarity and vision. I’ve turned a ripe age of 30 and with it came the steely resolve to shed immaturity and recklessness, in favor of more becoming traits. Of course, these beautiful experiences, these realizations, would not have come into fruition, if it weren’t for all of you beautiful people who have touched my life by way of friendship or reproach.  Either way, I am thankful I have all of you in my life and know that you are welcome to stay for as long as you want. That I wish for a better 2010 for all of us goes without saying. So, how about we make a conscious effort to actually make 2010 a rockin’ year? Let this year be the year when we crawl out of the boulder we’ve been hiding under for many years. Halika na at magpaganda at magpa-sexy tayong lahat dahil balita ko sa 2010 ay lilipulin at parurusahan ang mga hindi kagandahan (isama na rin natin ang mga nagmamaganda lang). hahaha. Happy new year beautiful people! Spread the love and stop obsessing about affection ROIs. Ika nga sa kolokyal na pananalita, keri lang yan, friend!

Say it with me in the true tiger fashion — grrrrr!


So, you know I was in the paradise island of Boracay for New Year’s. Left Manila on the 30th, after a very nice send-off might I add, and stayed in Fairways and Bluewater courtesy of our darling friends (thank you sooo much!) until the 2nd of January. Unlike last year, when the sky all but turned sunny for four days and my friends and I all came down with fever, this particular beach adventure was perfection! Well, nearly-perfect at least for me, because there was someone missing in the picture. All in all, I had a great time in Boracay. Got myself a nice golden tan (nevermind that I also got heat rashes in the process, hahaha), was able to run up and down the hilly slopes of Fairways, learned some basic yoga moves from Clyde (you gotta teach me that headstand thingy!), and best of all, got to show off the body I’ve worked hard for for a month at least. Hello naman daw sa abs na slight lumalabas na.