On Reebok Zig Tech, Fun Runs, and Anniversaries

My Zig Tech has finally arrived! She’s pretty in pink and super comfortable, I was grinning from ear-to-ear while I was trying her on yesterday. And since she and Bruno (remember him, my black Zig Nano?) came just days apart – practically fraternal twins, ahem – I have decided to name her Basia.

Baby Basia

Since Bruno came into my life about two weeks ago, I have actually been ignoring Blu (my Mizuno) and Zara (my Zoot) and though I feel bad for behaving so unfaithfully, I must say Bruno is doing a very great job of hogging my attention. He knows exactly what I want and serves it up to me supersized! Even though the only running action Bruno had ever seen (as of writing) was the 5k break-in run I did the day after we met, I have been wearing him down on a daily basis – with INSANITY. And if you ask me, I think Bruno is having the time of his life being abused the way I do him.

Big brother Bruno

Enter Basia.

I picked up Basia at lunchtime yesterday with the intention of breaking her in at the Fun Run organised by the company for our very dear friend Abie who was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer late last year and had since been undergoing chemotherapy sessions to eradicate the cancel cells completely. The fun run, aptly named Abie There For You, was held last night at the Meralco oval. And since only a handful of us in the company are actually into sports and cardio training, we only did a maximum of 10 loops around the 200-meter oval – for a total of 2k.

I walked from my condo to the race venue but I got there a good hour before the event would actually start. I got bored just by thinking of the number of minutes I would have to wait for the others, so I decided to take Basia for a sprint around the compound. Want to know how she performed? Read on…

Well, for one, Reebok was totally not talking nonsense when it boldly declared that Zig Tech is the brand’s most technically-advanced running and training shoe. It’s like an energy drink for your feet – with the way the shoe is designed to conserve and return energy to the athlete for a soft and springy ride.  In its launch press release, Reebok was all about the one-of-a-kind ZigTech bottom unit which features innovative, lightweight foam that is engineered into a dramatic, geometric, zig-zag shape. This unique zig-shaped sole absorbs the impact of heel strike and sends a wave of energy along the length of the shoe to help propel the athlete forward with each step.

Far too techie an explanation for me, because as most of you know, I hardly ever concern myself with the engineering details and what-not. I just like to run fast, long, hard, and almost nonstop – if I can sustain it. And because of that, I put comfort – by way of good cushioning – above all else. And because I’m still a girly-girl (contrary to what my abs, biceps, and powerful shoulders might tell you – teehee!), looks and how it complements the rest of my running gear come second. Performance is, of course, a non-negotiable for me especially since I’m also into ultra running and cross-training.

Much to my surprise and utter delight, Basia the Zig Tech, actually satisfied all three of my basic requirements with a little extra added to my running performance! At first, I was afraid I’d experience pain and discomfort because it was so soft interior-wise, it couldn’t possibly hold its own against the pressure of the feet-hitting-the-groundhard impact, right? But it did and believe you me; it felt as though I was running on cotton clouds last night!

Speaking of cotton, I really like the pink zig-zag foam sole of my Zig Tech. It reminds me so much of pink sugar cotton candy which I couldn’t seem to get enough of when I was little. But that is, of course, my aesthetics view on the matter. Those zig-zags, in fact, have far more useful return than just looking cotton candy-ish. What they do, according to Reebok’s Head of Advanced Innovation Bill McInnis, is transfer energy horizontally along the zigs so the athlete gets that energy back in the forefoot.

So this is where the ‘energy drink for your feet’ analogy comes into play. And after my experience last night, I am actually inclined to agree. There definitely was less pressure on my legs and I was able to sustain my race pace for the duration of the 2kms fun run, even after running on the same pace for nearly 6kms while waiting for the event to start. I even paced Randy, one of our colleagues, for four loops around the oval after I had alre4ady completed my 10.

Having said that, I give Bruno and especially Basia, two thumbs up. Good job, Reebok!


Noel, Vicky, and Abie.

Now back to Abie There For You. Last night was a SUPER fun run, with nearly 60 employees showing up and participating in the activity. I led the group in the stretching exercise and thanks to Shaun T and his Insanity workout, it seemed as though I actually know what I was doing! Abie, who hours before the event was actually still feeling faint from the chemo session she had two days prior, came with her beautiful daughter Bianca – who was also very sweet giving her Tita Vicky a kiss on the cheek even when I was sweating like a piglet! Abie has only been working in the company for a year but she has definitely endeared herself to everyone because of her sweet and caring ways. And while it breaks our heart to see and know of her condition, we are hands-up in awe of her strength, courage, and positivism. She truly makes all the drama in my life seem inconsequential and unimportant.

So to you Abie, thank you for the gift of awareness of our own strengths and your beautiful smile that never leaves your face despite the pain of it all. Keep getting better and we’d love to have you back in the office again very soon!

(L-R) Andy, Vicky, Alcy, Silyah. (Top) Mar. Yes, top. hihihi.

I Heart Reebok!

Bong, Gil, Peewee, and Vicky.

Runners gone wild!

The Balingkinitan Files: Noel, Andy, and Vicky

Ang (mga) babae sa loob ng kulungan made out of chicken wire.

Podium finish, kuno.:)

With Amar, hosting the event.


Today, 20th of March, marks the 730th day of a beautiful relationship with C. You have shown me love, respect, devotion, care, commitment and a great deal of understanding and tolerance (and not a lot of people can do that) all this time. For that and a few more good things I won’t mention anymore because I am limited by time and blog space, I,too, love you. Enormement.


Woman, high maintenance is thy maiden name.

32 flavors and then some. That’s how old I am turning in July. Apart from the wrinkles and crow’s feet which are now starting to become more visible on my face caused by the combination of sun exposure and (the) occasional stress, I don’t feel old. In fact, and I keep telling myself this every morning when I face the mirror, I have never looked as good as I do now back when I was in my 20’s. I am healthier, fitter, more flexible and agile than most people my age – or even younger – and I always have random strangers telling me that I don’t look a day over 25! If you ask me, I think my skin has a lot to do with it.  This is the part where I suppose I have to give credit where credit is due. Mom, wherever you are, thank you! I have such an elastic and supple skin that you would never find even the faintest stretch mark on me even when I have gone as heavy as 120lbs and dropped down to 98lbs at one point. To say that I am mad for body moisturizers and beauty products is an understatement. I don’t patronize ridiculously expensive brands because, well, I can’t afford them. In fact, when it comes to body butter and moisturizers, the one brand that I love above all else is Boots – which I can only find in Thailand. It’s very reasonably priced but superlatively effective in making my skin look, feel, and smell deliciously soft and sexy.

But the wrinkles on my forehead and the now visible crow’s feet really get to me sometimes. Scrap that: All the time! I hate it especially when they show on photos and no amount of striking accessories can draw attention away from them. It’s not the thought of aging that scares me, because we are all going to get old and wrinkly at some point anyway. It is the thought of aging prematurely that causes me to do a double-take and seriously contemplate the use of anti-aging creams and beauty products. Any career-driven woman would tell you how important looks are in a cutthroat corporate jungle. Not that it is an absolute necessity for us to look ‘manufactured‘ by science, but more often, just being able to cover the basics – i.e. great skin, winning smile, manner of dressing, a 23-inch waistline, etc. – is enough to get us through the door.

Sooo, yes, ‘anti-aging’ anything is what I first look for when I go shopping for body butter, make-up, and demmit even body soaps! Not that I am attempting to defy (a)natural progression such as aging – I am merely trying to (super) slow down the process.  I have tried a few products and some of them I have grown a certain fondness for such as the Olay Age Defying series. But us girls being girls, we cannot resist the urge to try out other products – and there’s always something new that’s packaged as better in terms of performance and benefits.  And we always get hoodwinked into making mindless purchases, don’t we? But it’s okay. We’re girls and sometimes that’s explanation enough. *wink wink*

Today, I had an opportunity to try two new products from a beauty brand that’s been known and trusted for several decades now, Mary Kay. The anti-aging line is called TimeWise® and the two revolutionary products recently introduced in the Philippine market are TimeWise® Moisture Renewing™ Gel Mask and the TimeWise® Liquid Foundations.

TimeWise® Moisture Renewing Gel Mask which provides intense hydration to nourish skin whose moisture has been depleted during the day. This mask is scientifically formulated with ingredients to help quench the skin’s thirst overnight. It is formulated to add and hold in every precious drop of moisture. The skin will feel firmer, softer, healthier, and appear plumped from within.

TimeWiseâ Liquid Foundations make it simple for any woman to find her perfect match, with four shades to choose from, a choice of finishes for different skin types and the bonus of age-fighting benefits.  The foundation features two finishes – Luminous-Wear™ and Matte-Wear™ – which cater to skin that is either normal to dry or combination to oily, and a formula packed with ingredients to help protect the skin from environmental aggressors that can contribute to the visible signs of aging.

TimeWise Renewing Gel Mask and TimeWise Liquid Foundation

These two products were introduced via a special pampering event hosted for the media and selected beauty and fashion bloggers. I am not a fashion and beauty blogger, that’s for sure. What I am is a beautiful blogger. At least that’s a compliment I got a lot of earlier when I dropped by the event. And since they’re all strangers to me, I am inclined to believe and you can bet I will take every single word to bed tonight. Gullible much, yes. Now where are those ROTFL emoticons when you need them?!?

Anyway, the event was fun! Not only did I get an overdose of pink which happens to be a favorite color of mine (strawberry chocolate truffles, pink juice, pink bread sticks, pink couches, etc…) and free manicure, I also met a lot of very interesting – not to mention, beautiful – people. I remember chatting up nearly everyone that I keep missing the opportunity to have my nails done!  I even saw Hannah of Flaircandy fame whom some of you would also recognize as one of the House of Vanita blogger-models during last year’s fashion show. I especially loved talking to Jase and the beautiful event host who said she instantly noticed me when I walked into the room. The Tetchie Agbayani aura, she said was too strong to be missed! As most of the old-schoolers here would know, Tetchie, during her time, was synonymous to overpowering sex appeal. Wala talagang kakupas-kupas ang alindog ng lola nyo! Weeet weeew! Now if I had a peso for each time I get compliments like that, I’d probably be driving around a Kia. Another plate of ROTFLs, please!

With my new friend Jase

With the beautiful host whom I had one of best conversations with at the event

Hannah of Flaircandy having her make-up session

Vicky supersizing it at the manicure area

With Jase and birthday girl

Of course, I didn’t let pass the opportunity of talking about running and preaching health and fitness to the people around me. And it’s NOT just because I am now officially a Reebok brand ambassador for running (respect, earthlings, respect!) but because I am really passionate about these things. Why do you think I quit smoking and drinking cold turkey and at the same time three years ago? Why do you think I quit red meat and embraced ultrarunning and circuit interval training workouts? It’s because I love this body I was born with and if I don’t take care of it, who else out there would?


Anyway, enough digression. All I really wanted to share was how great a day this has been for me. I met some great people whom I hope I would meet again. I brought home two great products I couldn’t wait to try. I accomplished a lot at work. And lastly, I had a great sharing session with Ro and the rest of the Wednesday Victory group. The blessings just keep coming and it feels so good to be back!

Tuesday Group.

Let’s Get INSANE!

Caveat: Absolutely NOT for the weak of hearts.

Day 56.

Loads of credit due to fitness goddesses Abby Jocson and Kassy Pajarillo for getting me started and hooked on INSANITY.

Abby gave me the dvd sometime last year but I had been way too busy to get off my butt and give Shaun T’s workout regimen a try.

After noticing my steady weight gain at the beginning of this year, alarm bells won’t stop pealing! So finally on the 5th of March, after much dilly-dallying,  I have decided to get insane. I signed up for the 60-day challenge and what I initially thought was an easy-breezy workout – all the while thinking I’m hardcore enough – turned out to be something that would make me call out to the high heavens for some reprieve every single time!

Now why am I doing this? I’m INSANE, that’s why! You didn’t get the memo, I see. Truth is, I was already getting bored with just running and going to the gym. My body was looking for pain which i am no longer getting from the usual short races. And I needed something that will get my cardio running at an all-time high hoping that, as the days progress, I will find myself teetering on the brink of maniacal lunacy – in the fitness department, that is. So that when the the 60th day on the 6th of May dawns, RIPPED will be my last name.

Now tell me, how INSANE are you? Or better yet, Are you ready to go insane with me?

Wanna Keep Fit in 2011? Make Your Resolutions Stick!

Since becoming somewhat of a health and fitness freak at the beginning of 2009, one of the few things I’m really looking forward to as the new year approaches is my laundry list of fitness resolutions.  In order to have a more targeted fitness gameplan for 2011, I thought of revisiting my fitness goals in 2010 and discovered, much to my delight, that  not only have I accomplished most of my goals, I have also added a few milestones which never even crossed my mind at the time of writing. Like ultrarunning, for example, and logging a total of three podium finishes just after I celebrated my first anniversary in running.  It’s little surprises like these that inspire me to keep pushing and finding more adventurous and fun ways of keeping fit and healthy.

Not to say that I have been good through and through.  Truth be told, I have not exactly been very successful in casting off unhealthy indulgences such as bingeing on junk food and sweets  and drinking soda or iced tea with meals instead of water.  But even though I have been delinquent with my diet on several occasions, my BMI (Body Mass Index) and fat percentage results paint an entirely different picture of my fitness status. At 18.4 BMI and 22.7 fat percentage, I am well within the desirable range and that would not have been possible if it weren’t for the level of commitment I have given to my fitness goals last year.

Statistically, it has been shown that most people fail at keeping their resolutions. In fact, research say that only 20% of us can be considered a success in making our resolutions stick. Case in point, immediately after the frivolity and gastronomic indulgence of the Christmas and New Year seasons, the volume of people signing up for gym memberships and those actually going there for workout increase by double digit percentage. But within 12 weeks or so, over 80% of those people quit for various reasons. However, you don’t have to be just another statistic by failing at your own resolutions. Make yours stick by following these steps:

  • Write down an obtainable goal. Your ultimate fitness goal should be something achievable like maybe becoming fit enough to join an international marathon or a locally-organized triathlon.  At the end of the day, not all of us can be super athletes or supermodels no matter how hard we try, but by working on what’s realistic for you is already one step to feeling good and looking good.
  • Create a game plan. Deciding on a health and fitness goal is a start BUT you need to have a workable plan to reach that goal. Different fitness goals require different approaches. For example, weight loss requires you to regularly burn more than you consume.
  • Break it down and make it less intimidating. In coming up with your ultimate fitness goal avoid knee-jerk statements like ‘I plan to lose 30lbs in 6 months’. While this may not be entirely an impossibility, you also have to consider your body and its response level and capacity. Do some research or speak with a qualified fitness professional. You want to lose weight, yes, but you should never put your body and overall health at risk in order to fit into a size 0 or 1.
  • Get your friends and family members involved so you have that extra motivation to keep your eyes glued on your goals. Give them trespass to give you the nudge when you’re slacking off, as well as, gently remind you when you start talking and behaving negatively.
  • Celebrate your progress. NOT by eating back the fats you lost but maybe by getting a new pair of jeans  or dress that’ll flatter your new figure.
  • Measure your progress in concrete ways. For example, if you are exercising to lose weight, keep track of your weight loss preferably on a weekly basis.
  • Find as many different ways to monitor your progress as you can. For example, if you are on a weight loss program, you might like to record your exercise sessions, daily diet and weekly measurements. Include achievements such as feeling more energetic or fitting into a smaller pair of jeans. Give yourself plenty of ways to succeed.

And lastly, make sure that the goals you have set are those that are meaningful and important to you, not to anybody else. Remember, this is YOUR fitness goal so if for example, your partner wants you to shed more weight but you’re happy as you are, it may be difficult for you to commit to an exercise routine that you can sustain in the long term.


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CHRIS Sports and Equipment

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Total Fitness: Live Like A Bloke

In order to land a guy, E! News anchor Giuliana DePandi advises women to think, act, and react like a guy. To drive home the point, she laid down 66 ways on how and why one must do exactly as advised in her book Think Like A Guy. I have read the book and I couldn’t help but wonder if perhaps the author and I are somehow connected because we speak the exact same language! When it comes to landing men, I mean. And yes, in plural form.

Interestingly, this kind of approach is no longer just applicable to dating and relationships.  Recent observations have shown that adopting a few of the male lifestyle philosophies can actually help women in their pursuit of happiness, health, and fitness. But men can be such slobs and they drink too much beer, some of you might argue. Yes they can be and some of them would rather drop you than end their strangely serious affair with alcohol, but you see, there’s a lot one can learn from their laidback views and ways. Here are some:


Dumbbells for dummies.

  1. Men, unlike women, set boundaries and focus completely on the task at hand. Multitasking, according to research from the University of California, is more prevalent among women because the area connecting the right part of the brain to the left is thicker in women, allowing more ideas to flow. We work, take care of the family, cook, shop, oversee the household, and cram all these activities in 24 hours which in the end causes us endless stress and distraction.  By adopting men’s pinpointed processing and focused decision-making, women can take a much-needed breather from their multitasking complexes, simplify their lives and enjoy themselves more!


Tone it up with weight plates.

2. Want to lose weight? Eat like a man and exercise like one! Even though our hormones deserve much                      of the blame when it comes to our ‘emotional eating’, it doesn’t mean that there’s nothing we can do about it. A                    Cornell University study showed that while women bury their frustration and sadness in bags of sweet treats,                      men are found devouring steak. While both are not exactly the cornerstones of a healthy diet, steak is still                            protein-rich and it makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time, whereas sweets only spike insulin levels                          leading to abdominal fat and insatiable appetite.  When it comes to exercise, women can learn a lot from men                     when it comes to muscle-building and muscle-toning.  More than just helping you keep your ideal weight,                             exercising to build muscle mass can also help prevent osteoporosis and Type 2 diabetes, among other things.


Play bench.

3. Be a team player and kick stress to the curb. Australian psychologist Lydia levleva says that men do not                   look at their weekly basketball  game with friends as just that – a game. It is for them a social event. In separate                  study by the University of Copenhagen, it was revealed that being part of a team can actually be physically and                  emotionally beneficial for women as it gives them that window to focus less on personal stresses, discover and                    cultivate new friendships.

For centuries, women have  customarily done the exact opposite of men’s approach to a lot of things, fitness included. Guys focus on being independent and looking good rather than worry needlessly about having babies, feeding them, or how to make the best paella. It’s time women take on a similar approach and give this theory a shot. Think, Eat, Exercise, and Live like a bloke and see the difference for yourself.

Woman, Start Your Best Life TODAY!

Today’s modern woman works hard to achieve her dreams. And for female professionals, wives, mothers, and daughters, living one’s best possible life involves not just reaching personal milestones, but being in the best state of mind and body to enjoy their achievements to the fullest —the parallel pursuit of a healthy lifestyle and personal fitness is just the right ticket to personal fulfillment, confidence and happiness.

I'm no Jillian Michaels but my body has certainly changed heaps since I embraced health and fitness in the middle of 2009. If I did it, you can too!

As celebrated fitness buffs like Jillian Michaels (resident trainer of the US series “The Biggest Loser”) will testify, proper nutrition and regular exercise not only shed pounds and burn calories, they also help combat stress, as well as reduce the risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and different types of cancer.

And just as they come in all shapes and sizes, women now have different workout regimens to choose from, and fitness icons like Jillian Michaels to serve as role models for total fitness. Says Michaels, “for any female body type, my recommended fitness approach involves maximizing every aspect of your workout in order to get the best results. This includes both your various exercises, as well as the different equipment you use. It’s important to pay close attention to your range and efficiency of motion, the variety of your workouts, as well as the ergonomics and comfort you get from your equipment.”

Taking off from Jillian’s words of wisdom, here are some sure-fire ideas to help you ladies get on the fast-track to fitness:

  • Run around the block (then later, the marathon). Running is the most accessible yet also one of the most calorie-blasting workouts. All you need is a good pair of shoes and a supportive sports bra and you’re good to go. Getting into a regular running routine also boosts the body’s immunity to colds and other viruses, and gives the heart a good workout like no other, leading to better health and greater endurance.
  • Relax, and let go. For the ladies who prefer meditation to go along with their exercise, yoga offers a unique workout of mind, body and spirit. Learning various yoga poses improves the body’s flexibility thus preventing several causes of back pain such as sitting and driving too long. By concentrating intently on your body, yoga calms the mind and soothes stress.
  • Play to your strengths. Paying attention to the muscles around the torso and pelvis by doing sit-ups and push-ups helps improve balance and stability. Core exercises are useful in most sports and other physical activities as they stretch and tone the muscles to avoid injuries. On the other hand, strength training, which involves the lifting of weights such as dumbbells, barbells and resistance bands, helps to strengthen not only the muscles, but bones and tissue as well. Highly effective for raising metabolism and burning fat muscles, strength training exercises not only builds lean muscles but confidence as well, making it a perfect workout to show off those toned arms in sleeveless tees and stylish dresses.

Women and Wellness

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On Being Fit and Healthy.

Bend it like Vicky.

So I’ve been asked several times by people what it is exactly that I do to keep in shape. There’s running, of course, which I try to do as often as possible for a minimum of 5k for each run. There was a time when I logged 10k everyday and I was able to keep at it for about a week. But given that it’s not my main vocation and I do need to put food on my table, clothes on my back, and fancy shoes on my feet, work always come first.

There’s hiphop which I try to do every Thursday when I’m not traveling or at work. I like my workout with a lot of body movements and loud music which explains why dancing holds a lot of appeal for me even when the only time I’m even remotely graceful on the floor is when the routine involves grinding, booty-shaking, and chest pump. Anything more complicated or technical than that, I might as well be the girl born with two left feet.

And then there’s  free weights. I was not a fan of fitness clubs before. I dreaded the smörgåsbord of exercise machine, most of which I didn’t know how to operate. And back when I used to carry a little bit more weight on my petite frame, I would get completely self-conscious around gym members who look better and fitter. But when my body began to improve little by little, I must admit, I would sometimes be a little shameless in showing off. No, not full monty of course, but maybe just a tight tank top or a sports bra top and shorts or capris for workout which often get a lot of appreciative looks from men and uhrrrm, very scary dagger looks from some women. Though it may be deemed as little bit too much in the self-promotion area, but my rationale has always been that I worked hard to achieve my ideal body shape and form and if I can inspire even just one person to do the same, then I’m happy. Whether it’s for health reasons or just plain and simple affectation, it doesn’t matter, so long as I get to motivate people to do something about their fitness and looks. After all, who wants to be obese in the first place or for the rest of their lives for that matter?

Workin' it!

So yes, lately I have also been spending some time in this fitness club I frequent – mostly to do free weights workout and spinning or RPM. My friend who’s a complete health and fitness freak got me into it and I must say that he knew exactly what he was preaching about because I have seen significant improvements in my body and most especially, my overall health and fitness. I am more agile and flexible now. My endurance has also improved a lot and it may have been brought about by my strengthened core.

Last time I bumped into one of my favorite Takbo.ph friends Dennis at FF, he made me his guinea pig . In his spare time, Dennis is studying to be a full-fledged fitness instructor/personal trainer. He showed me a lot of workout routines targeted to develop and tone specific areas of my body. He even showed me how to use some of the exercise equipment there, much to my delight because I have always felt that it’s such a waste that I don’t get to maximise my monthly club membership. But that’s going to change from here on in.

So going back to the question on what I exactly it is that I do to keep fit. Well, here are some of them…

This one here is called the Russian Twist and it's mainly for core strengthening. This is also how you get that nice line on the sides of your midsection. And the 5kg weight plate I'm holding as I twist to the left and right also helps give my arms a very nice definition.

This is the free weights alternative to the equipment-aided squat exercises. The bar weighs around 20kg and as you can see, it's not that tough to carry. After the initial fumbling execution, I can now squat 30kg; 12 reps; 3 sets.

This is called the Preacher's Curl and this is good for the biceps. I usually do 3 sets of this with 12 reps for each set.

And because I burn tons of calories and expend a lot of energy after each run and/or workout, I make sure that I eat healthy and on time. I used to consume a lot of junk food before (potato chips, soda, chocolate, name it!) but with the desire to look fit, healthy and extremely good comes great restraint. These days, when couch potato-ing at home and feeling the niggling urge to open a bag of chips or take a bite off that block of chocolate, I grab an apple or a pear instead and drink a glass of water.

Aside from that, I also take vitamins and health supplements to make up for lost nutrients, especially when I miss an important meal of the day or had been delinquent with my food intake.  I’m sure you have your own preferred supplement and brand whose health benefits you’ve already proven over the years. Below are some of the stuff I take every morning, usually after my workout, in order to keep health-IER. Now, if you haven’t been bitten by the fitness bug yet, look for me and I would gladly clamp my sharp teeth on your neck or shoulder – whichever is yummier – and maybe we can run and hit the gym together! What did I tell you? I’m all about inspiring people to living nicotine/alcohol/excessive fat and sugar-FREE lifestyle. Lezgow!

Health supplements for a healthier me!

For more proof, please refer to the photo below. That is the result of a semi-serious training spanning about six months. I have made a few more trips to the fitness club since then and therefore I look more toned now but I still say it’s a work in progress. I’m closer to my fitness goal now but there’s still tons of work to be done. And I don’t mean the surgical kind of work, just so we’re clear. I wanna see just how far I can still push the fitness envelope…

Still a work in progress...