The Girl Who Straddled Halloween

…and liked it very much, yes.  So last Friday, as you know, we celebrated Halloween in advance at the office and I showed up as a French maid who must’ve forgotten to go on a serious diet a month before because I looked bloated in some of the photos. ‘Sup with those gargantuan arms anyway, huh? Still, it was so much fun – especially since I don’t have past Halloweens to benchmark last  Friday’s against. So yey, fun!

'Don't Worry, 'V' Happy' Halloween 2011

I'm a good maid, yes?

And then I hied-off to Malaysia for work and arrived in time for my second Halloween, this time, with my Malaysian colleagues. If I was impressed by the costumes of some of the staff in Manila, I was even more impressed by what some of our Malaysian counterparts wore to the party. Some of them were pretty scary, I tell you. Izzan and Vijiyar startled me when they walked into the room garbed in their vampire costumes – complete with vampire contact lenses! Tanyen looked sensational in her Goth bride outfit and Jamie was a knockout in her Japanese schoolgirl/sailor ensemble. That night, I was a fairy with turquoise wings and lavender wand which does absolutely no magic, except to look pretty when (being) waved about. It was quite a transformation from the naughty maid that I was back home.Our Boss joined us at the tail end of the  poolside party and we had a managers meeting right after – which lasted well until past 1 in the morning. That’s exactly how we roll in this side of town where fairies attend meetings of the human kind.;)

Halloween in Malaysia (Photo by Eugene)

Japanese schoolgirl/sailor and the Blue Fairy

Vampires and a Fairy

With (the) Goth Bride and (the) Queen of the Damned.

And of course, after stuffing my face with sweets, Twisties, and mee hon, I felt so guilty I wanted to run around PJ, except that I forgot to pack my running kicks! I have Matilda (my EasyTone shoes) with me though, so at least I can do Insanity but with a bit of restraint because I have to constantly mind my form, which is a bit tough to hold with Matilda’s balance pods creating forced instability. Since I can’t do power jumps and other Insanity routines that could hurt my ankles when I land, I am concentrating on my core and thighs instead with lots of obliques and inner thigh pulses when on plie. At the risk of sounding utterly biased, I must say yet again that Reebok makes me look good. Don’t you think so?

Stretching is important in any workout.

Wearing Cirque du Soleil top and Reebok EasyTone shoes.

Trick or Treat!

For the first time in nearly 7 years that I have been with present company, we pulled-off a Halloween Trick or Treat come-to-work-in-character party and it’s so much fun seeing everyone in costume; the office jazzed-up to look somewhat of a haunted house with a backyard cemetery, and; a scary soundtrack that plays in a loop at the lobby. And did you know that we only planned for it yesterday? Says a lot about how fun and creative everyone is here at the office. No to mention, great team players. Must be all the V-Con trainings we’ve had since day one. Hah!

Later, we will be hosting some kids – mostly children and grandchildren of some of our colleagues – and we will stuff them with so much sugar in their system their parents will have the toughest time making them settle down! And why not? It’s Halloween trick or treat after all!

Not to be sentimental or anything, but this is actually the first time in all 32 years of my life that I’m trick or treating. Ya, you could say I had a very deprived childhood. haha. I didn’t realize it was so much fun until I found myself skip-hopping in the house and grinning like an idiot earlier this morning, putting my French maid ensemble on! I felt like a kid all over again. Except that, well, there ain’t nothing kid-like in what I’m wearing. Except maybe the bunny ears. Yes, definitely the bunny ears.

How about you guys? What’s going down where you’re at on Halloween? If you haven’t any place to go trick or treating, come see us – we’ve got treats galore! Just kidding!

Later alligator!

We are actually trying to scare you here...

The French maid and Budoy

Sometimes I like to ponder on things before I get my feather duster to work