Almost BDM-ready.

So I guess this is it. The day of reckoning has come for me. Since I started developing deep passion for running, I knew I wanted to be an ultrarunner. Lucky for me, we have a very dynamic running community in the Philippines. As D-day nears, I am overwhelmed by excitement and trepidation. Do I have what it takes to complete 102 kilometers? Is my body up for some serious pummeling by the intense March sun? Knowing how highly competitive I am, I know I will fight tooth and nail to cross that finish line. True, I haven’t had the luxury of training for this but I have made this commitment and I will make sure I see it through to its end.

As I have mentioned in one of my previous entries, I am running BDM 102 in support of the Black Pencil Project’s advocacy program called Run For Pencils. I have already received pledges and it is such an incredible feeling making a difference this way and inspiring people to do the same. It doesn’t matter if you pledge a peso or five pesos for every kilometer I cover, that amount will certainly go a long, long way. I’ve heard it said before that one should give until it hurts – so please, I am encouraging you to share a little bit and let me worry about the hurting. I have my first aid kit and health card for that.:) The Mangyans and I will be eternally grateful for whatever support you can give.

My most heartfelt gratitude also goes to Reebok Philippines, Toby’s, RUNNR Philippines, CW-X, Smith Optics, Lightwater/VitaminBoost, FTW magazine and my support crew composed of Eric and Running Atom and Team UNGAS. To those who have given their pledges for the Mangyans, especially my Boss – THANK YOU ALL for your love , support, and prayers!


Thoughts on (hopefully) Running on On-Running

When it comes to running and nearly everything fitness-related, I have to give loads of credit to a certain friend of mine for getting me started – and pretty much hooked – on it. Though the ‘hooked’ part is really more of a personal conviction, something I am determined to keep on the up and up for as long as my body can take the pain, he was the one who introduced running to me – right from my first pair of legit running shoes, Mizuno Wave Creation 10 in bright orange (around this time, I haven’t gotten into the habit of naming my shoes yet but for easy recall, let me now call my first pair, Wanda. She breathed her last in Phuket  where I have decided to leave her degraded body – but Wanda served me well. Very well, in fact.) which he gave me as birthday present two years ago; Phoenix, my NF trail running shoes who carried my weight and busted shins all the way to the finish line of my first trail run – the Men’s Health All-Terrain Race in Sta. Elena; my prized Zara the Zoot which I would wear to my first (and only) full marathon, the Condura Run for the Dolphins in 2010 in which I crossed the finish line in less than five hours. Far from a Kikayrunner finish, obviously, but not too shabby either. Zara the Zoot were given to me as Christmas present so I was actually one of the few who would be wearing the pair before it was formally brought into the country by the local distributor. Zara came in patriot pink, by the way, which happens to be one of my favorite colors. And I got another pair of Mizuno Wave Rider, which I named Blu, as my 2011 New Year’s present. All these serve as constant reminder for me to work hard in making my fitness resolutions stick because I have been known to run my mouth on this and that and end up not achieving the end-goal I desire because I would get bored halfway through it and move on to do something else. It’s like the early signs of ADHD, I tell you.

Enter Reebok…and suddenly, my fitness goals have taken a whole new dimension. Just before I joined a bunch of cool runners as brand ambassador for Reebok Running, I thought my running mojo had decided to go on an extended vacation – indefinitely. At that time, I have not been logging decent mileage per week, so much so that I have already placed my running shoes back in their boxes, which resulted to my pants getting a bit tight around the waist again. Uh-oh. Danger alert!

Now what I like most about Reebok is its versatility. So far, the shoes and apparel that I have worn to so many running events and also at home when I do my Insanity workout (which reminds me, I gotta start Insanity Asylum soon!) have all given me my main prerequisites: Comfort, Performance, and Style. It fits perfectly with the very active lifestyle I maintain. I have Bruno, Basia, Purple Pippa, and Terra of the ZigTech family, and all of which have seen some hardcore action on and off-road. As luck – combined with hard work, determination and a whole lot of prayers for safety and deliverance from major injuries, if I may say so – would have it, I have also bagged a few podium finish. Recently though, I swallowed my prescribed dosage of this bitter pill called DNF and it did not taste heavenly at all, but it taught me a lot of things which I really ought to apply in my next ultra run happening in August. It’s 60k, if I’m not mistaken. Oh but before that, there’s MILO marathon happening end of the month for which I am hoping to log a new PR. I will attempt to shave off at least half an hour from my first marathon record of 4:56:00. Reebok Teammate Titanium Runner is egging me to pick up the gauntlet and throw in my bid to go sub-4 just like him and Sam the Running Ninja but I don’t know yet. I think it would be too tall an order for me. But who knows? Barring unpleasantries, I think I have enough fire power in me to achieve my marathon goal.

So now I think it seems pretty clear that I am a fitness enthusiast who loves shoes! I don’t know with you guys but it just seems very logical to me to come armed to the teeth when I am about to embark on some fitness activity – especially running. And by that I mean, I have to make sure my feet, knees, shins, etc. are insulated from injuries – especially the lingering kind. Nothing hurts a runner more than not being able to run.

Speaking of shoes, I have recently come across this brand which I heard will soon be making an appearance in the local running scene (courtesy of CHRIS Sports) — On-Running. Have any of you guys seen this on the road? I read Titanium Runner and JazzRunner‘s blog posts and I must say my curiosity got piqued. In a colossal way! It’s supposed to be the fastest running shoes in the world and it’s got nearly all of the world’s elite athletes raving about it. I took a peek at On-Running’s official website to learn a wee bit more about their patented CloudTec™ 3D cushioning system and found myself daydreaming about it for quite a bit. I mean, it’s rather hard not to when shoe performance is talked about glowingly like that. I have no illusions of one day running neck-and-neck with the gazelle-like Kenyans but I am mighty curious to know just how much faster I can still run. I don’t think I have reached my maximum speed yet. I mean, I may be 32 but I think my body’s built to constantly morph and improve. I wonder how it feels like wearing them? How exactly does this CloudTec system work? Will it really make me more agile and run faster and longer?

I suppose there is only one way to find out.

What are you running ON?

Uhrmmm, by the way, my birthday is less than 24 hours away. I’m just saying.

Race Event: Team REEBOK ZigTech Run

So, how does your August race calendar look like?

Interested in testing out a new race route?

If you haven’t got anything special planned on the 6th day of August (Saturday), I suggest you declare it your random fitness day and join us at the CCP Complex for the Team REEBOK ZigTech Run and be part of the hundreds of running enthusiasts helping the following beneficiaries:

  • VISAYAN Forum – Philippine-based NGO recognized for its groundbreaking work for the empowerment of vulnerable migrants, particularly victims of human trafficking through social movements
  • LIFELINE Foundation – non-stock, non-government organization dedicated to the relief of the oppressed and victim-minded
  • JeepneED – This is a green mobile science and technology lab for rural school in the Philippines
So you see, by running this race, not only are you upping your cardio and giving that unsightly flab a one-two-punch, you are also doing your share in helping the disadvantaged members of the society.
For more details on the race, visit the site here.

Team REEBOK ZigTech Run

On Scuba Diving and Another Podium Finish at Run4Life

This weekend truly has been one of, if not THE, MOST INCREDIBLE weekend I have ever had in nearly 32 years. I may have said the same line about something incredible in the past but this weekend easily takes the cake out of anything I can remotely think of as great. Except, of course, God – who makes everything here on earth seem pretty average.

But before we get to the whys and hows, have YOU registered for the REEBOK ZigTech Run yet? Yes? No? Oh you bad, bad, baddies! This racing event promises to be challenging and fun on so many levels and I know there are one or two interesting races happening on the same day as well, BUT (the) ZigTech Run is definitely something to try out – especially if you are a Zig user yourself.  The race is happening on the 5th of June, so you have a few more days to hie-off to the Reebok store near you. Register now!

Run with us!

Remember when I mentioned here that I’m going scuba diving? Well it finally happened this weekend and I have EPSON and SPEED magazine (Manny, you’re the best!) to thank for it! I was invited to be part of the FUSION Media Adventure and it felt great hanging out with some members of the media again – after such a loooong time. Apart from Melvin and Mick, whom I have known for years (back when I was doing PR and handled Microsoft and Oracle), the rest of the media invitees were relatively strangers to me. But it only took us a few minutes to settle in and get comfortable with each other. The group games were one helluva fun – the name game only highlighted the fact that I have a memory of a dory – and I’m equally glad my dear friend Mark was there with me. He took unbelievably beautiful photos of nearly everything – from people to rocks to LPG tanks, sea landscape and the beautiful Batangas sunset! You can check out his photos here. I won’t go into details as I am saving that for SPEED but let me share some photos so you’ll know how much fun it was for all of us. Not even my overactive imagination has ever conceived of me going 25ft below sea level – knowing how freaked out I am of the sea because I had never learned how to swim. But on that day in Batangas, I conquered my fear…and loved every second of it. I also would like to thank my DM, Vlad, who was very nice and reassuring the whole time.

With my DM Vlad

Yihee, I'm underwater!!!

That's me wearing yellow aquasocks communing with the school of fish

I know right?!? *wink*

With a playful puppy named Pussy. We found him at the diving resort next door.

FUSION Media Adventurers

Photo by Mark Montalban.

Swimsuit by Cocotini. Photo by Mark Montalban.

My new wallpaper. Thank you Mark for this knockout photo!

The best tan says Mr. Running Shield. I think so too.:D Thank you Mick for snapping this shot!

One more FTW!

Sunset Parody by Marlon Magtira

Kamusta naman ang tawa ko dito, divah?

And just when I thought my awesome week ended with my scuba diving adventure…I bagged another podium finish in this morning’s RUN4LIFE race held in Alabang! I joined the 16k category and finished 3rd in the female division with a time of 1hour 30 minutes and 32seconds!  I’m sure it’s not that great a time compared with what more capable runners can do but it still feels pretty good – especially since I hardly slept the night before and had to wake up at 2am to get ready for a 5:10 race! *ROTFL*

There was a major faux pas with the 16k results which got me really upset – I was 3rd in the female category but they called someone else on stage, another runner who was trailing behind me from the get-go. I protested, of course, not because I wanted the prize but as a runner who takes running somewhat seriously, people ought to respect my time and effort. Anyway, Runningmate said they have already rectified the records and my name will appear in the top 3 – as it should.

Moving forward, it was a good run for me – especially since it was my first time to run that course. It was also lovely to see Ms. Villy of Reebok, Patrick ‘Running Shield and the brains behind Condura marathon’ Concepcion who gave me the best compliment of the day (PC: Vicky, you have the best tan!), and Jonel Mendoza who’s running the Nuvali Trail Challenge in June and I have already signified my desire to do 50k!

Lastly, it was lovely running with my Team Reebok mates again, especially Kassy, whom I haven’t seen in a long time!

Here are some photos of the race this morning. Thank you Lifeline Foundation for staging Run4Life – and for doing a great job helping a lot of disadvantaged members of the society!

Vicky and Kassy - the lady ambassadors of Reebok for running

Sharing the stage with crowd-drawing Mr. Younghusband.

With Ms. Villy of Reebok

Reebok forever.

With Ms. Betty Romero of Lifeline Foundation

Race Event: REEBOK ZigTech Run

Are you ready to ZIG?

Weekend Chronicles Part II

Right. So where was I? A lot of things are happening in Vickyville, dahlinks. And I mean A LOT. As shared with you yesterday, I took home a medal and bag of weird assemblage of home cleaning stuff, body pain liniment, Circulan, and some gift checks from SM when I landed top spot at the BDO Race for Life held last Saturday at the Mall of Asia.

The following day, Sunday, I joined another race – the AACE’s The G.O.O.D Run, organised by the indefatigable Rio Dela Cruz, known to many as Coach Rio. Now this particular race was extra special for me not only because I finished 6th out of 741 runners *wooot* but because I managed to convince a very dear friend of mine, Noel, to run 3k. As most of you know, Noel has been trying on and off to kick his nicotine habit to the curb but so far, he’s been unsuccessful. He would often ask me how I pulled-off going cold turkey on (both) smoking and alcohol binging and I’d tell him running has helped greatly. More than that, running has also opened up for me a whole new dimension of health and hardcore fitness.

I remember the time he accompanied me to my very first race event, the 2009 SLIMMERUN, held at The Fort. He was there to lend moral support, as well as, take photos. And while everyone was running around, he would take long drags from the stick of Marlboro lights lodged between his lips.  It never occurred to him that very early morning in April that he will one day be joining the army of runners and find the experience quite to his liking.

And so it came to be that on the 3rd of April, Noel completed his first 3k run in a little over 21 minutes. I say, not a bad start for someone who’s been smoking for many years. And it seems he got infected by what people call runner’s high because he told me he spent the whole day being uppity-up, happy, and decidedly in anticipation of his next race event. I’m one very proud hot mama because of this!


Go Atche!

As for me, I couldn’t ask for a better way to spend last weekend than doing (a) back-to-back short-distance run and getting great results from it! Placing 6th out of 741 runners is pretty gratifying. Breaking down the results some more, I was first in the age category I belong to – F30 to 39. I mean I’d love to say I’m in my late 20’s but I’m not. This girl is turning 32 in a few months. Yes, I know, I age gracefully. *ROTFL*

See more of the race results here.

For photos, see below.


The G.O.O.D runners

I'm a fangirl like that.

REEBOK here, there, and everywhere!

Running with Bruno my Zig Nano

Let's take it down to the floor, shall we?

With my favorite runner friend Dennis the Running Pinoy

Vicky and Noel

Some like it hard, spiny, and always down on all fours.

Yes, the obligatory jump shot.

More running

Thank you REEBOK and Bruno for a great back-to-back running weekend! I am soooooo back, beeechusss!

Weekend Chronicles Part I

This weekend saw me finally crawling out of the boulder I hid under after my disastrous BDM 52k Test Run in January, and bravely returning to the race track  – armed to the teeth with nearly everything Reebok and a great deal of spunk. I was duly rewarded with a top spot finish at the BDO Race For Life 6k run female division last Saturday; and a 6th place finish in the 5k female division of the AACE The G.O.O.D Run yesterday morning.

Caveat: This is going to be a long post so if you’re at work, I suggest you wait until you reach home to read my blog as I wouldn’t want you getting a memo for slacking-off while at work!

First Place, 6k Female Division

BDO Race for Life (MOA Grounds, 2 April 2011)

Because I missed Globe Run For Home two weekends ago (too busy falling in love again and again and being adored mightily!), I had decided to sign up for BDO’s Race for Life for two reasons: (a) I wanted to give Basia (my pink Zig Tech) some running time in a legitimate competitive race and she how fast she can carry my legs in 6kms. Alex, fellow Team Reebok member, signed me up for the race and we agreed to meet up at Fitness First MOA on the race day, (b.) I wasn’t able to join my Reebok team members at the inaugural soft-launch of the group and therefore, I have some catching up to do. I woke up around 4:30 and geared up quickly. That early morning had a bit of Silent Hill feel to it as there were nearly zero cabs out. It took me half an hour to find one and it was manned by a cabbie who spoke nearly impeccable English. I was impressed and thoroughly entertained as we spoke about current events, running and a few other things in between. Boy can he talk up a storm!

Alex and I walked over to the starting line, left our bags at the check-in counter, and joined the throng of runners waiting for gun start. It got chaotic just minutes before the race started because bulk of the runners were gathered beyond the Start Line and those of us who positioned ourselves just behind the line were being asked to move back to make way for the confused runners. We stood our ground and the rest, well, they had to walk over and gather behind us.

There were only 3 race categories that day – 3k, 6k, and 9k – and hardly any elite runners except Michelle Estuar and some Kenyans. All runners took off at the same time at gun start and the only mechanics we were told to remember was that the 3k means doing only one loop; 6k, double loop; and finally, 9k would be 3 loops.

That morning I had very serious hydration problems. My throat would get so dry – and I mean literally dry it hampered even my breathing that I had to stop at every water station to get a drink. I know I was losing precious seconds by doing so, but I didn’t want to compromise safety so I made it a point to hydrate every chance I get. Thirty four minutes and two loops after, I crossed the finish line feeling quite confident that I landed a spot in the top 10 because I did pass a few runners along the way and nearly all of them, male.

Alex, however, told me that he didn’t see any female 6k runners ahead of me so I might be first! I was excited and hopeful, of course. Who wouldn’t want a podium finish, right? And so we decided to wait for the announcement and voila, I did place first!

Just when I thought I have lost my running mojo because of injuries and prolonged hiatus, I manage to ace the top spot. I’m inclined to think Basia had a lot to do with it as well. Though she stuck out like sore thumb that morning in a sea of Nike, Adidas, and Mizuno – which made me feel a bit sad because Basia looks seriously cute in pink – she powered through a lot of them and together, we got the results we were aiming for.

Still not quite satisfied with the cardio workout I got from my 6k run, I decide to finish off my Saturday workout with INSANITY Core Cardio and Balance.

Looking fly in my Reeboks.

At the podium.




Happy Birthday, Manong!

The 2nd of April also happens to be my brother Francis’ birthday. That night, we had dinner with our nieces – all of whom won’t stop getting prettier each time! We had a great time catching up and I was quite disappointed when I had to leave them so I won’t be late for the 8:00pm showing of CARE DIVAS where Buddy, our extremely talented PETA actor friend, acted as Joni.

Siblings and nieces.


CARE DIVAS (Caregivers by day, Divas by night)

Care Divas

Last weekend’s theater run was actually a re-staging in response to the resounding demand from audience – and after watching the show, I totally got what the clamor was all about! I missed the first run, much to Buddy’s displeasure – especially after he learned I watched ZsaZsa Zaturnnah a few weeks after). So I promised him I will show up at the re-run, initially with Noel but he had prior engagement and Dinzobear was likewise unavailable, so I ended up watching alone. But I didn’t mind because the play was perfectly entertaining. No, let me correct myself. The play was multi-dimensional in the sense that it took me though varying range of emotions, so much so, that I found myself bawling my eyes out one minute; laughing the next; feeling tickled at some point – and in the end, feeling a bit of discomfort on both wrists as I was also clapping my hands exuberantly most of the time.  CARE DIVAS was only the second play I saw Buddy act in. The first one was ROMULUS in 2007, back when Celia the Mommycat was still in the Philippines. But in CARE DIVAS, I saw an entirely different Buddy. He’s been my friend for years now but I didn’t realize he was extremely talented that way!  In my defence, I don’t get to spend time with friends because of work and travel. Take my soul sister Abi, for example. We’ve been planning dinner and coffee for ages and we were only able to meet up last Friday. Oh how we’ve missed each other’s company and stories!  Dinzobear is also another favorite friend I haven’t seen in months! He’s busy with Top Gear stuff just as I’ve been busy with so many things of my own. Anyway, he and I will meet up just before I go to Shanghai in a few days. Back to my amiga, Buddy. He sang, danced, acted, and showed off his flexibility with a leg split in one of the many knockout performances by the cast! I’m sooo proud of you, Buddy! I promise never to miss any of your theatre performances from here on in – at least when I’m in town and not stationed somewhere else. Buhay OFW nga naman.

Flanked by 'Joni' and 'Thalia'

The incredible cast of CARE DIVAS and their celebrity guests.

Next post: AACE The G.O.O.D Run. Otherwise known as Noel Abelardo’s debut in the running world And the underworld premiere of GAG-O – the gag show to end all gag shows! – on youtube!