Weekend Chronicles Part I

This weekend saw me finally crawling out of the boulder I hid under after my disastrous BDM 52k Test Run in January, and bravely returning to the race track  – armed to the teeth with nearly everything Reebok and a great deal of spunk. I was duly rewarded with a top spot finish at the BDO Race For Life 6k run female division last Saturday; and a 6th place finish in the 5k female division of the AACE The G.O.O.D Run yesterday morning.

Caveat: This is going to be a long post so if you’re at work, I suggest you wait until you reach home to read my blog as I wouldn’t want you getting a memo for slacking-off while at work!

First Place, 6k Female Division

BDO Race for Life (MOA Grounds, 2 April 2011)

Because I missed Globe Run For Home two weekends ago (too busy falling in love again and again and being adored mightily!), I had decided to sign up for BDO’s Race for Life for two reasons: (a) I wanted to give Basia (my pink Zig Tech) some running time in a legitimate competitive race and she how fast she can carry my legs in 6kms. Alex, fellow Team Reebok member, signed me up for the race and we agreed to meet up at Fitness First MOA on the race day, (b.) I wasn’t able to join my Reebok team members at the inaugural soft-launch of the group and therefore, I have some catching up to do. I woke up around 4:30 and geared up quickly. That early morning had a bit of Silent Hill feel to it as there were nearly zero cabs out. It took me half an hour to find one and it was manned by a cabbie who spoke nearly impeccable English. I was impressed and thoroughly entertained as we spoke about current events, running and a few other things in between. Boy can he talk up a storm!

Alex and I walked over to the starting line, left our bags at the check-in counter, and joined the throng of runners waiting for gun start. It got chaotic just minutes before the race started because bulk of the runners were gathered beyond the Start Line and those of us who positioned ourselves just behind the line were being asked to move back to make way for the confused runners. We stood our ground and the rest, well, they had to walk over and gather behind us.

There were only 3 race categories that day – 3k, 6k, and 9k – and hardly any elite runners except Michelle Estuar and some Kenyans. All runners took off at the same time at gun start and the only mechanics we were told to remember was that the 3k means doing only one loop; 6k, double loop; and finally, 9k would be 3 loops.

That morning I had very serious hydration problems. My throat would get so dry – and I mean literally dry it hampered even my breathing that I had to stop at every water station to get a drink. I know I was losing precious seconds by doing so, but I didn’t want to compromise safety so I made it a point to hydrate every chance I get. Thirty four minutes and two loops after, I crossed the finish line feeling quite confident that I landed a spot in the top 10 because I did pass a few runners along the way and nearly all of them, male.

Alex, however, told me that he didn’t see any female 6k runners ahead of me so I might be first! I was excited and hopeful, of course. Who wouldn’t want a podium finish, right? And so we decided to wait for the announcement and voila, I did place first!

Just when I thought I have lost my running mojo because of injuries and prolonged hiatus, I manage to ace the top spot. I’m inclined to think Basia had a lot to do with it as well. Though she stuck out like sore thumb that morning in a sea of Nike, Adidas, and Mizuno – which made me feel a bit sad because Basia looks seriously cute in pink – she powered through a lot of them and together, we got the results we were aiming for.

Still not quite satisfied with the cardio workout I got from my 6k run, I decide to finish off my Saturday workout with INSANITY Core Cardio and Balance.

Looking fly in my Reeboks.

At the podium.




Happy Birthday, Manong!

The 2nd of April also happens to be my brother Francis’ birthday. That night, we had dinner with our nieces – all of whom won’t stop getting prettier each time! We had a great time catching up and I was quite disappointed when I had to leave them so I won’t be late for the 8:00pm showing of CARE DIVAS where Buddy, our extremely talented PETA actor friend, acted as Joni.

Siblings and nieces.


CARE DIVAS (Caregivers by day, Divas by night)

Care Divas

Last weekend’s theater run was actually a re-staging in response to the resounding demand from audience – and after watching the show, I totally got what the clamor was all about! I missed the first run, much to Buddy’s displeasure – especially after he learned I watched ZsaZsa Zaturnnah a few weeks after). So I promised him I will show up at the re-run, initially with Noel but he had prior engagement and Dinzobear was likewise unavailable, so I ended up watching alone. But I didn’t mind because the play was perfectly entertaining. No, let me correct myself. The play was multi-dimensional in the sense that it took me though varying range of emotions, so much so, that I found myself bawling my eyes out one minute; laughing the next; feeling tickled at some point – and in the end, feeling a bit of discomfort on both wrists as I was also clapping my hands exuberantly most of the time.  CARE DIVAS was only the second play I saw Buddy act in. The first one was ROMULUS in 2007, back when Celia the Mommycat was still in the Philippines. But in CARE DIVAS, I saw an entirely different Buddy. He’s been my friend for years now but I didn’t realize he was extremely talented that way!  In my defence, I don’t get to spend time with friends because of work and travel. Take my soul sister Abi, for example. We’ve been planning dinner and coffee for ages and we were only able to meet up last Friday. Oh how we’ve missed each other’s company and stories!  Dinzobear is also another favorite friend I haven’t seen in months! He’s busy with Top Gear stuff just as I’ve been busy with so many things of my own. Anyway, he and I will meet up just before I go to Shanghai in a few days. Back to my amiga, Buddy. He sang, danced, acted, and showed off his flexibility with a leg split in one of the many knockout performances by the cast! I’m sooo proud of you, Buddy! I promise never to miss any of your theatre performances from here on in – at least when I’m in town and not stationed somewhere else. Buhay OFW nga naman.

Flanked by 'Joni' and 'Thalia'

The incredible cast of CARE DIVAS and their celebrity guests.

Next post: AACE The G.O.O.D Run. Otherwise known as Noel Abelardo’s debut in the running world And the underworld premiere of GAG-O – the gag show to end all gag shows! – on youtube!

Silverbox Treasures

Looking for a perfect gift for a dear friend, girlfriend, sister, Mom…or for yourself? Well, today just might be your lucky day! If you’re sitting in front of your laptop, I suggest you quit cyber-stalking your Ex and check out this online site called Silverbox Treasures. It’s a trove of fashion accessories made of semi-precious stones, handcrafted with such elegant creativity and love, that you would feel and look instantly beautiful – no matter how plain your shirt or dress may be! A fashion pick-me-up, is how I would sum it up in a phrase!

These beauties are Ms. Suzette Montalban’s handiwork. Ms. Montalban is my dear friend Mark’s Mom who says she does this only as a hobby and I’m like now-this-is-extremely-embarrassing-for-me-because-the-only-creative-thing-I-can-pull-off-as-a-hobby-is-fold-my-tongue-in-the-middle-like-a-quesadilla. A non-skill, pretty much, as I’m sure half the people in town can do the same – if not better. Who knows what freakier things people out there can do with their tongues! Eeeeek.

The other night, my good friend and up-and-coming photographer to the stars, Noel (Have you seen his work? Well, tickle me good Elmo but you just gotta!) , took photos of me wearing the accessories we had selected from the heap the Mark brought last Saturday after we watched Zaturnnah (Hi Rocky, You’re so hot! *giggles*) A few weeks before that, Mark asked me to model the accessories and for Noel to take photos. The photoshoot happened in my apartment Monday night and because he didn’t need to do major editing on my face and skin (Oh dear Vicky, you are really getting quite adept at carrying your own couch now, are ‘ya?), he finished all sets in a day! I’m telling you, this single, accomplished, well-groomed, good-looking and very disease-free friend of mine is just brimming with talent I just might quit work one day and be his assistant! Did I mention he’s single and looking for love?

So where were we? Ahhh, yes, Silverbox Treasures. I ran my mouth quite a bit long back there and so I assume you have had a chance to take a peek at the site. Well, have you? If you can’t make up your mind on which accessory to get and believe you me, I totally understand the dilemma because I wanted all of them for myself as well, perhaps these photos below will help.

The Hour I First Believed.

So this week had been (nothing short of) a confounding mix of highs and lows. And at this point, really, I would like to thank a few people for being God’s gift that they are. I hit rock-bottom early this week and though it had been awful, I am most grateful for the fact that when evil reared its ugly head once more, as it had over and over and over again in the past months especially, my eyes were pealed wide open and I no longer became a slave to a masterful deception.  But more than that, as Ro has helped me realize this afternoon just before the Sunday service, this episode is superficial and, at best, even negligible. It’s just a speck compared to the bigger hurt I had been lugging around for 30 odd years which, in turn, has caused me to be hard on myself. Too hard, she said. I am looking at a very long process of healing, which I suppose ought to start at the root cause of my issues: I have to finally forgive my mother and the very first bitter pill of abandonment she had me swallow, at an age when I should have been fed and nursed with love.

The chains are gone.

I’ve been set free.

The hour I first believed.


Now we move on to the highs. And I mean HIGHS. How about we go through them one by one, eh?

  • Friday night, I met up with Eric and the fun cast of his soon-to-be-released youtube channel comedy show for the taping (hahaha, allow me this one time to use showbiz words as I really don’t know how else to call it!) of the first two episodes. I was psyched to see Buddy, our veteran PETA actor friend and fellow Bicolana, who didn’t give me an easy time for not making it to any of his play’s, Care Divas, widely-acclaimed staging beginning February until early March. There’s talk of a re-run and when it happens, I will watch it twice so he won’t feel bad anymore. Sorry Amiga! Now about the comedy show ‘taped’ at Jayem and Bani’s studio in QC, all I can say is that it’s funny and has great potential (especially my abs which made several appearances in the two episodes, hahaha!) and I hope you guys become part of our target 50,000-strong audience when we do the ‘Underworld’ premiere. Last time, when we created the Paglaya video, we had a galactic premiere. And now that we have sort of conquered outer space, we’re trying our luck in the underworld. Here are two photos taken by Jayem Abania during the MTV shoot.

Photographed by: Jayem Abania


Photographed by: Jayem Abania

  • Last Saturday, I and five runner friends hied-off to the University of the Philippines for a photoshoot with the amazing Jar Concengco. Jar is an international photographer who has done various cover shots for both international and local fashion magazines and had likewise shot some of Hollywood’s finest. The photoshoot, by the way, was for a sports brand which the 6 of us will be promoting as brand ambassadors for running in the next six months. It was so much fun goofing around, doing profile and action poses for Jar who used up all the media cards he brought for the shoot. Blame Blas for hogging the camera with his solo photos! But more than the breathtaking photos Jar took, what made Saturday especially fun was the easy camaraderie the 6 of us obviously have  and the joy of meeting three new people – Jar, Fay and Tita, our amiable make-up artists who agreed to do it for us pro bono!


Thank you Fay for making me look 'naturally' pretty last Saturday!

  • After the shoot, I headed home bone tired! I forgot to mention that I was up as early as 5am even though call time for the photoshoot was at 8am. I couldn’t go back to sleep anymore, so i decided to do Insanity workout instead. It was Day 14 and time for the second fit test which, while still pretty much of a killer, I’m proud to say that I racked up incredible statistics vis-a-vis the first fit test I took before I started with Shaun T’s 60-day workout plan. Anyway, I only had ample time after the photoshoot to go to the salon for my weekly footspa/mani-pedi and hair treatment session before I would meet up with my friends to watch ZsaZsa Zaturnnah Ze Musical at the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Have you guys seen it? No? Too bad. You would’ve loved it! I first saw it with Anton and Noel 3 years ago, I think, at the RCBC in Makati. At that time, it was Kaye Brosas who played Zaturnnah and she played the role so well and so convincingly. Of course, she has a powerful voice so the singing part came easy for her. Last night, it was Eula Valdez and she was incredible on so many levels! She was amazing as Zaturnnah and looking at her knockout body, you wouldn’t think she just gave birth! Of course, the undeniably gorgeous Rocky Salumbides played Dodong, Ada/Zaturnnah’s love interest, and I must tell you how this hunk-o-love turned the temperature in the auditorium so far high up the air-conditioning didn’t do much to cool it down. Even I found myself gripping the arm rest several times during the show! (Note to boyfriend: Don’t worry Love, you have my heart and soul, no matter what!)


Vicky and ze friends

Rocky S. aka Dodong poses with his fans namely Cris and Noel. Okay, fine, me na rin.:)

Noel and Vicky pose-off with Ada and Zaturnnah


Zaturnnah wannabe

and finally…



Vicky and her celebrity crush ‘Dodong’


  • After the fun and frivolity, friends and I went to Icebergs at  Harbor View to gush some more about the play and Mark showed us the accessories made of semi-precious stones his Mom made and which he wants me to model. Noel is, of course, the photographer. Word’s not yet out but this guy is fast-becoming a photographer to celebrities. And I mean real celebrities and not just feeling celebs like me. ROTFL. The accessories are gorgeous and I can’t wait for you guys to see it on me. In some cases, just them accessories – on my bare golden skin. Ako na, ako na nga ang all-around X-deal endorser!


A few more exciting things coming my way in the next few days/weeks/months:

  • Another trip to Malaysia in time for the F1 Malaysia GP
  • Trip to Shanghai with Friends Eric, Cris, and Aldrin

But before that, it’s time to celebrate two wonderful years with the man I have occasionally taken for granted because of my selfish ways and for that I am truly and regretfully sorry.

Je t’aime enormement, mon Amour. Tu me manques tellement. Happy second anniversary.