Three Ways I Could’ve Rocked SCMS 2014 But Didn’t

SCMS 2014_vickyras


I barely made it to the 6-hour cut-off time of the recent Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore (SCMS 2014) and I had just as much to do with the disappointing result as the inconveniences experienced during the race. Rather, my absolute lack of motivation and indisputable passivity did a number on me. The fact that it was my third time doing SCMS should have already prepared me mentally and physically for the 42 kilometres’ worth of torture, on foot. I assumed it was going to rain as it had been raining wildly almost everyday for several weeks before the race, and therefore I was counting on a cooler and more comfortable run. But instead, the sun came out all guns blazing and the heat was almost incomprehensible! Runners were dropping like flies and the long march of runners started as soon as we entered the long stretch of the East Coast garden. Seeing a handful of very fit-looking runners collapsing on the ground, noticeably exhausted from the heat, and being attended to by first aid volunteers, also creates a sense of foreboding. A kind of mindfucking, pardon my French.

So I’ve had some time to think about my cataclysmic performance and played out some scenarios where I could’ve done better. And I’m putting out this list so aspiring marathoners would know better than to get complacent or lazy – or both.

1. I could’ve done what any sensible runner preparing for a marathon would do: Train. It was rather obtuse of me to think that my experiences of running long distance in the past will overcome the limitations of my ageing body.

2. I could’ve watched my diet and favoured more healthy foods instead of stuffing my face with high-calorie desserts and occasionally going overboard with le vin et les fromages. I have seen some of my marathon photos and boy, did I look like an overstuffed burrito! Delicious to eat but a fat burrito just the same. haha.


3. I could’ve prepared better by keeping myself hydrated days leading to the marathon. Although, this is one area that I have always struggled with. I just don’t drink enough water.

Seven marathons in the bag (and a few ultramarathons I don’t think I will ever have the chutzpah to do again, anyway) and here I am, contemplating if I still have enough drive in me to shoot for three, or maybe even more. Somewhere, somehow, may passion for running fizzled out dramatically and it’s somewhat disconcerting because I used to really love the sport. Perhaps it’s because I don’t join enough races here in Singapore, unlike when I was still living in the Philippines. And then I got lazy and became fat as a result. I know the love is still there – these things never go away permanently anyway – I just need to find ways to rekindle the fire. And running more frequently from here on in is just as good a place to start as updating my running outfit. (Oh boy, my husband is not going to like this bit. LOL.) Besides, there is Phuket to get toned for and I only have two weeks to transform my body. Bonne chance la Vicky!

Moving houses.

I have officially lost whatever superficial affection I may have had for for nearly 5 years. While the affair started off as everything fine and dandy (as affairs usually do), this morning, I was provoked beyond my capacity to tolerate anything stupid, time-consuming, and repetitive – without a prospect of clear resolution. Not even the barest hint.

This morning, I had planned on announcing our intent of running a marathon for a cause – specifically, for the benefit of the Maple Tree Foundation and the community programs they espouse – in the upcoming Standard Chartered Marathon Singapore 2010.  Kassy, one of my running friends and an active blogger as well, got in touch with me a few months back and presented me with the proposition to raise funds for MTF. I thought it was such a fine idea, helping the needy while doing what I consider to be among the top things I like. Running, that is. While Kassy has been actively doing her bit, I, unfortunately, have been rather delinquent. Not that my interest was any less, it’s just that work has piled up the past months and I couldn’t focus on anything else.

That’s why I logged on to my blog of 5 years. Or attempted to. COUNTLESS FRIGGIN’ TIMES and I keep getting errors in loading the page. I have tried accessing it using different browsers – Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Internet Explorer – and still, nothing turned up. And if there’s one thing I hate most in life, it’s when I’m being ignored. Not that I am anyone important but that’s exactly what blogger has made me feel today. Ignored and Unloved. So I said, hey buddy, if that’s the kind of game you want to play, I am playing right along. Watch me.

Which brings us to  my new home and a new address. This is my first post and I still haven’t added any of the funky widgets but I have a very good feeling about this whole moving houses thing. Kinda like one of those things that feel right at the very onset. Like, maybe, love at first sight, if you believe in those things.

I don’t care if it takes me another year to transfer all my posts from my ex-blog to my new online domain. I am doing it.

So to you my old blog, I say sayonara. It’s been fun, but my heart has decided it has no love for you anymore. Not even the slightest bit. From here on in, you are nothing more than just an ex-flame whose memory I shall extinguish faster than I can finish a 5k run.

And to you wordpess, I’m finally home.

Live life supersized with me.